Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, February 22, 2010


Si did a wonderful job of updating the blog yesterday while I was. . .eh, incapacitated and under the influence of Valium=). Thanks hun!! I just thought I would do a quick follow up update for today, 1dp5dt (one day post five day transfer for you non IVF'ers).

So yesterday morning when the RE called she told us we had 1 - Grade 4 AB (excellent quality) blastocyst, 1 - Grade 4 B (great quality) blast, 1 "good quality blast" and 1 "decent quality morula" (day 4/5ish blast). She would only transfer two, so she transferred the excellent and the great. This is all a review I know.

Anyway, I didn't receive a call from the clinic today updating our frozen status (slackers), so I called them! We have two blastocysts that were good enough quality to be frozen this morning. YAY. So add that to our 12 day 1 embryos, and we have a total of 14 embryos that can be used for future FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycles.

Now, that being said, we should probably do some math on this. We don't have a gazillion kiddos waiting to be thawed and transferred. My RE only does blastocyst transfers for FET cycles (day 5 or day 6 embryos). Of the 13 embies that we grew out for our fresh blastocyst transfer, only 4 actually made it to blastocyst stage and were good enough quality to be transferred or frozen. That only equates to about 31% of the 13 fertilized embryos. This isn't a great number. I would then guess that maybe of the 12 "day one" frozen embryos remaining, maybe 3-4 of them would make it to blast stage. SO, realistically, we probably could get 2 FET's out of our remaining embryos. Cool. Last time we only got one FET out of the deal=).
This is looking a bit more promising than our last cycle.

To the babies insided of me - grow little ones, grow! I have started talking to the babies, cheering for the babies (thanks Sheila!), and singing to the babies. I think it makes them happy. I hope it makes them happy anyway, and makes them want to divide and conquer and grow big and strong=).

Hope you all are having a great day, and thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!! I will of course keep updates coming in as they become availalbe=)


  1. Go babies! We're all cheering for you here!

  2. how great of your DH to update while you were enjoying the joys of valium!
    Wow, this cycle really did go well for you, im so happy! You will not only have a HH9M from this transfer but then you can add onto your family anytime you want without all this weird IVF stress! Yay!!
    I went out and bought a security blanket today, its lil, purple, softest thing you have ever felt and has a butterfly on top. I shouldnt have done it, i know this, but i am hoping that i can hold on to it to remind me of why i (we) are doing thing and it will keep me strong and sane. Then of course i hope i will be able to give it to the baby(ies) that come with this IVF.
    Have you done that at all - bought baby things? I have only done it one other time thru this 3 yrs. Its hard to look at but maybe it can help me.
    Now, back to you and your lil babies growing so nice and strong - they are gonna stick and grow healthy - i just know it!!!


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