Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New milestone met!

Both girls can now sit up unassisted! YAY! They still topple over after a while, but their muscles are strong enough to hold them up for a bit while they are playing on the floor. They LOVE being able to sit up. Definitely their new favorite thing!

We went for our 6 month pictures today (2 weeks late, but better late than never!), and would you believe that the girls were able to STAND assisted (holding on to a bench, not mommy or daddy) for the first set of pictures?! I about fell over! They are growing up SOOOO fast!

The weather here is supposed to warm up to the 70's on Friday so I am hoping that I can maybe get my garden planted and maybe I can do some shopping for some of the annuals I want to plant out front. I am excited to plant this year! Last year I planted but after about June or July wasn't really able to tend to what I had planted (due to my massive belly =)), so Si is definitely looking forward to me being able to take care of my own flowers and garden this year.

Ah, and I almost forgot! Our multiples club is have a playgroup for kiddos under 18 months on Saturday, and so far the RSVP list includes 4 sets of twins, all between 3 months and 12 months. Sounds like great fun! Hopefully the girls will meet some cool new friends =).

That's all I've got - a pretty boring post for a Wednesday! Do you guys have any grand plans for your weekend? I am SO ready for some warm spring weather around here so we can do more playing outside and less hanging out inside. My new stroller needs more of a workout! =)

Until next time,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Easter holiday today! We spent our day enjoying the company of family, and the girls got to soak up some grandma time. Even though my parents live in town and my dad watches the girls once a week while I am at work, they rarely get to spend any extended time (more than 15 minutes or so) with their grandma K. Today they got to spend a whole 5 hours with her, and I think they really liked it. In fact, they were a bit a confused as to who she was. . . she kind of looks like mommy. . .and she kind of sounds like mommy. . .but she doesn't smell like mommy. . .hmmm. . .who is she?! LOL.

We started out the day in our PJ's and Easter hats that Deb from Aunt Denise's church made for the girls. LOVE THEM!! She has made hats for the girls for every major holiday so far and they are totally adorable!

We never did get the girls into any Easter specific dresses because, well, we weren't going anywhere and we were eating (which at this point means the girls too are eating) and I didn't want to worry about getting sweet potatoes or ham or anything smeared on beautiful dresses! So, we ended up in little skirt outfits with flower headbands on after we finished our lunch.
Here's a picture of Miss Olivia

And a picture of Miss Brianna

That just about sums up our day! Oh wait! Si and I had our first ballroom dancing lesson tonight - we learned the first couple of positions/moves to the waltz. We were both a little nervous at first, but it turned out to be a great time! We hope to have at least one lesson a week, and we hope to find the time after the girls are asleep to practice our new moves. FUN!!

Okay, and I'm going to go off on a quick tangent - consider yourself warned! I really wish that Easter was an observed holiday (tomorrow or Good Friday - either way!), and honestly it kind of bugs me that it isn't. I mean, all of the stores and most of the restaurants were closed today, so obviously as a nation we observe the holiday of Easter, so why on earth isn't it a national holiday too? We get a day off for President's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but not Easter? What gives? Simply because it's a "religious" holiday means we can't recognize it as a national holiday?

Okay really, that's all for now! Happy Sunday!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Still hating tummy time. . .

Does anyone know how to fix this?! They have hated tummy time since they were born. I honestly thought we would just keep doing it and they would outgrow it, but they haven't. If you stick them down on their tummies you have 30-45 seconds before they start screaming bloody murder. I usually let them sit there and scream for a couple of minutes before I pick them up or flip them over, and during the time they are screaming they bury their heads in the blanket or carpet or whatever they are laying on and refuse to do anything.

I've tried propping them up by putting a receiving blanket under their chests. We've tried getting down on the floor with them. We've tried facing them toward each other. We've tried enticing them with new and exciting toys. We've tried putting them on a blanket and pulling the blanket around the living room and dining room. We've tried laying them on top of us or on the couch so that they aren't on the floor. They still make it less than a minute or two and they are screaming. I'm getting concerned that if they don't do enough tummy time, they aren't going to learn how to crawl. Any thoughts on how I can help remedy their hate of tummy time???

Today we put them on the floor on the boppies with cool toys and both mommy and daddy with them. We made it nearly two minutes, but still, screaming! What else can we do??? And will they be lagging behind later if they refuse to do tummy time now? Mommas - did any of your babies refuse to do tummy time too???

Here's a picture of them @ 3 weeks old doing screaming during tummy time.

And here's a picture of them now - pre-screaming =).

They look so happy in the second picture! I just think they should be happy for longer than 2 minutes during tummy time at their age. I mean, are they going to cry every time they go to crawl? And what do I do. . .just let them cry it out so they get the exposure to tummy time?

Happy early Easter everyone! We got the girls Easter baskets for their first Easter, even though we know that they won't remember it and wouldn't know the difference. With any luck I will find a few minutes to post tomorrow too =).

Until then!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Rebels!

The girls definitely got their daddy's stubborness. Holy buckets ladies, you are turning into little rebels! I thought you were supposed to be at least 2 years old before that happened! The girls also happen to have aquired my pouty lip that always allowed me to get my way. What a lethal combination!

SO. . .the last few days the girls have been absolutely refusing to take naps. No if, ands, or buts. I've tried letting them cry it out. I've tried rocking. I've tried nursing them to sleep. I've tried babywearing. I've tried driving around. I've tried stroller time. Nothing. works. All I end up with at the end of the day is two WAY too overtired screaming babies and an overtired momma and daddy.

It's just a phase I keep telling myself. . .it too will pass. . . right?! I remember having some short term nap issues around 3 months too, and they were temporary. These too should be temporary then too! I know that my friend Sheila is having issues with napping with Mr. Adam too though, and it's been going on for weeks. Ick! Didn't the babies get the memo that they have to sleep??? LOL.

In other news, we didn't get our pictures taken last week. We went to our appointment but the photographer didn't have us down so she wasn't there. Major bummer. Two happy babies in Easter dresses, a dressed and pressed mommy and daddy, and a grandpa along to help out. . .but no photographer to take our pictures. We rescheduled for next week. Hopefully nothing will come in our way! Of course since we were already in our Easter dresses we had to take a couple of pictures when we got home though. . .
Miss Olivia

Miss Brianna

The girlies together =)

Oh, and we have new friends! We went to the zoo this week with our new friend Kristen from the multiples club and her trips Sissy (Elizabeth), Mikey, and Willy. We had a great time! We definitely got some looks at the zoo, and several moms came up to us and told us how "brave" we were for taking that many babies out of the house. What else could we do?! Be hermits for the rest of our lives? Absolutely no way!! =)

Here's a couple of pictures from our zoo adventures on Wednesday. As you can tell, no smiles. . .likely a direct result of no naps!

That's all for now! TGIF tomorrow!! I need a weekend! And Happy Easter everyone!

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 months!!

I just realized that while I have been posting lots of pictures lately I haven't been posting much in terms of updates on the girls (who are growing like WEEDS - literally).

First off, the girls are 6 months old today! They are both in the thick of a growth spurt as I type this. They are eating MASSIVE amounts of food and are growing like crazy. About every 3rd night they aren't sleeping through the night and are getting up to eat, making for a pretty tired mommy and daddy. They are eating solids now and have tried sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, green beans, mashed potatoes, bananas and avacados. Next on my agenda of things to try with them is chicken. At this point I'm raising little vegetarians. We live in the Midwest, so they must love meat!

Miss Olivia (Baby A) - Has learned how to roll over from her back to tummy (!), as well as how to roll off the recliner (oops!). She HATES tummy time, so once she rolls to her tummy she gets really ticked off and screams until someone picks her up or puts her back on her back. Good thing she isn't rolling over very often! HA!

She also has a new sound that she likes to make - we call it the squeaky door - eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk. It's hilarious. At first you think she might be crying or upset, but then you realize that that isn't it at all. She is so proud of herself after she makes this noise! And fake coughing - yeah - she's great at that. She will do that in the morning when she is in her crib and wants someone to come and get her. She will get progressively louder with her fake coughs then get this HUGE smile when you come in and get her. She's totally playing us. And it's working!!

Food - she likes food, and opens SO wide! But she's funny of course - she wants the food and will scream if you don't give it to her, but she only wants 4-5 bites at a time. Then she wants her milk. Then food again. Then milk. Then food again. She's very adimant about what she wants and it is apparent during feeding time. And don't even think for a second that you can eat during feeding time - no way! Unless you are sharing what you are eating with her it's not happening =).

Teething - I was so sure that she would have a tooth by now. I could feel one on top coming through last week, but it must have gone back up because I can't see it or feel it anymore. Bummer! I wish they would just come in and get it over with!

Miss Brianna (Baby B) - LOVES her jumperoo. It is her favorite thing ever! Well, other than momma of course =). She will jump and jump and jump and jump like a crazy woman for upwards of 30 -45 minutes in that thing! She has also learned how to sit up on her own. She hasn't entirely mastered the skill yet, but she sure is getting there. She has the strongest tummy muscles ever. If you lay her down on her back and she doesn't want to be there she will do the equivalent of a crunch and just hold it and whimper until you pick her up. You can see her tummy muscles flexing for pete's sake! Oh, and feet! She LOVES her feet. They are just the coolest thing ever, don't you know! She has no desire to roll over, and is not mobile yet.

She is full of laughs and giggles, and almost always looks surprised and happy. She has a bit of a shy streak around people she doesn't know and will bury her head in my chest when someone she doesn't know talks to her, but otherwise she is a very outgoing little peanut. No new sounds for her though =). She too has joined in the fake cough revolution, and she also likes to stick her fingers so far into her mouth that she gags. My crazy little bulemic baby!

Food - she LOVES food! All food! She will eat and eat and eat - and she's not picky what it is. She doens't open up all the way like Liv does, but she is happy to eat whatever you want to feed her and for however long you would like to feed her. If this continues she is going to be one good little eater.

Teething - we are working on cutting some teeth. We were working on one on top last week along with Liv, but it still hasn't popped through the gums yet.

Not a whole lot else going on. We went up and visited Si's parents and grandparents last week in Kearney - the girlies had a great time! Everyone loved seeing them, and the girls loved all of the attention! It was our first road trip with Abby the Acadia (yes, we name our cars), and I LOVE her! The boys (the pugs) went with too, and we had room for everyone and room for all of the stuff we needed to bring. The Acadia is exactly what we needed. We are so glad that we bought her instead of a minivan=).
Here are some pics of our trip. . .

We have our 6 month pictures today so that should be fun. Hopefully the girls are in a good mood and we get some more great shots of them=). Our 6 month pediatrician visit isn't until May 5th so I won't have weight/height updates until then. Oh well. I know for a fact that they are growing like crazy and I am quite sure that they are doing just fine!!

Hope you all are doing well!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

So pretty!

I'm pretty sure that Daddy was hoping that at least one of the girls would turn into a little Tomboy, but so far that couldn't be further from the truth! We are both princesses! See? Get ready to open up your wallet Daddy, we already LOVE to shop, and mommy has a feeling that that's just the tip of the iceburg...=).

We are trying to get ready and find outfits for our 6 month picures and Grandma K had bought us these two ADORABLE dresses. Of course we had to try them on before picture day...=).

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!