Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Still hating tummy time. . .

Does anyone know how to fix this?! They have hated tummy time since they were born. I honestly thought we would just keep doing it and they would outgrow it, but they haven't. If you stick them down on their tummies you have 30-45 seconds before they start screaming bloody murder. I usually let them sit there and scream for a couple of minutes before I pick them up or flip them over, and during the time they are screaming they bury their heads in the blanket or carpet or whatever they are laying on and refuse to do anything.

I've tried propping them up by putting a receiving blanket under their chests. We've tried getting down on the floor with them. We've tried facing them toward each other. We've tried enticing them with new and exciting toys. We've tried putting them on a blanket and pulling the blanket around the living room and dining room. We've tried laying them on top of us or on the couch so that they aren't on the floor. They still make it less than a minute or two and they are screaming. I'm getting concerned that if they don't do enough tummy time, they aren't going to learn how to crawl. Any thoughts on how I can help remedy their hate of tummy time???

Today we put them on the floor on the boppies with cool toys and both mommy and daddy with them. We made it nearly two minutes, but still, screaming! What else can we do??? And will they be lagging behind later if they refuse to do tummy time now? Mommas - did any of your babies refuse to do tummy time too???

Here's a picture of them @ 3 weeks old doing screaming during tummy time.

And here's a picture of them now - pre-screaming =).

They look so happy in the second picture! I just think they should be happy for longer than 2 minutes during tummy time at their age. I mean, are they going to cry every time they go to crawl? And what do I do. . .just let them cry it out so they get the exposure to tummy time?

Happy early Easter everyone! We got the girls Easter baskets for their first Easter, even though we know that they won't remember it and wouldn't know the difference. With any luck I will find a few minutes to post tomorrow too =).

Until then!


  1. My son Jack HATED tummy time too! We tried it all...and you know what, it's no big deal! He wasn't "behind" or delayed in any way.
    When they start getting up and on their hands and knees and rocking they will love it. So don't stress about! Just do bits at a time here and there :)

  2. Sorry I have no advise, but had to comment on your sweet girls.......they are getting so big! Too sweet for words.

    Oh and I wouldn't worry about it to much. My daughter wouldn't ever stay on her belly. Once she started rolling over...we would put her on her belly and immediately she would flip to her back. I was worried if she never stayed on her belly she would never crawl, but she did.

    Happy Easter!

  3. They're SO darn cute!!

    My girls HATED tummy time! I'd put them on their tummies and as soon as they fussed, I'd turn them back over. Our pedi kept suggesting that we let them fuss and I'd just say "ok" but we never did. They turned out fine! Crawled at 10 1/2 months and started walking a month later ;)

  4. My girls hated tummy time as well. Two things helped. Tummy time on my soft bed and a bumbo seat to help strengthen their back and neck muscles.

  5. Max hated tummy time and still hates being on his tummy. I was worried he would be delayed because Rylie rolled, crawled and has now started walking all before him. He just started crawling last week and I think he will walk very soon. Just give it time. They'll be just fine! :)

  6. You guys are rockstars! Thanks so much for posting and sharing your stories. I hate worrying about stuff like this, so it's great to know that them hating tummy time isn't going to delay their development in any significant way. Thanks ladies!!


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