Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 25 OB appointment update

Hello! We had our "25 week" OB appointment today. We are 25 weeks 2 days today. I am happy to report that all is well! The babies are growing like mad, and have no intention of leaving their mommy sanctuary any time soon!

Here are the latest stats on the girls:
Olivia - aka Baby A - 1 lb 14 oz - measuring 2 days ahead (25w4d)
Brianna - aka Baby B - 2 lbs 0 oz - measuring 5 days ahead (26w0d)

They took some pictures of the babies, but all but one of them stink! The girls (as customary) were happy to show off their lady parts, but not really a whole lot else! We did get one good 3D profile pic of Brianna (where you can see her adorable little nose in 3D), but Si hasn't had a chance to scan it in yet, so I can't post it yet.

I do have a couple of belly pics to share with you (of course). These were taken tonight =).

What else? Well, unfortunately I think that maybe my morning sickness is starting to return! I've had a good 8 weeks of eating whatever I want, and now I am starting to be nauseous again. . .especially in the afternoons and evenings. I talked to the OB about it today, and he said that this isn't unusual. It's all of the hormones and such being produced with the twins. This may continue until the babies are delivered. Oye!

And we asked him again about travel to the two weddings in September, and he said I am absolutely NOT allowed to fly at 31 weeks - it's too risky. So unfortunately I won't be able to attend Nick's shower in Annapolis=(. Si can still go though. And as for Josh and Sylvia's wedding the following weekend - so far I am cool to ride/drive in the car - no issue! YAY!

Our next OB appointment is in 3 weeks. I still have to call and set it up. They will be doing the Glucose Challenge Test (one hour glucose test) at that visit, and will also be doing my second round of blood work (to check for anemia among other things), and I will also get my next rhogam shot (because I am Rh-). I thought after the visit today that I would be going to 2 week visits, but I guess not! We will be going to two week visits after the next visit though =).

Oh! And we have a baby shower this weekend on Saturday! I'm pumped! One of my bestest friends Lisa and my sister in-law Bridget are throwing the shower for me and the babies - I can't wait to see what they've come up with!! We have had 44 people RSVP that they were coming - holy big shower Batman!! It's going to be awesome!!! I can't wait to see everyone!!

Okay, that's all for now! Have a great rest of your week!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Weeks!

We've hit 24 weeks! We are to the point of viability!!! If the babies were born today they would likely survive! They would spend a ton of time in the NICU, but they would survive!!! SOOO exciting!

Up until this point if something happened it was unlikely the babies would make it. That isn't the case now. Of course we don't want them born now - far from it! I'd like to keep these munchkins safely within their mommy for another 12 weeks or so. This is just the first of several exciting milestones we will hit in the next several months. Our next milestone? 28 weeks =)

As is customary, I have belly pics to share with you. I'm getting nice and round and large! I love it!!

Here's a pic of me in "normal" clothes:

Here's a pic of me sideways in a tank top =):

And here's a pic of me sideways with my bare belly! Definitely getting bigger!!

So what else is going on? Well, I had my first feet/ankle swelling incident Friday. I thought that swelling would be a gradual thing. . .a little here, a little there. My hands have been a bit swollen for weeks and I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring (sad days). I knew that my feet and ankles would follow suit at some point. Well, Friday my ankles swelled. . .to the point that I couldn't tell they were ankles. And my feet swelled too! AHHH! They haven't really gone down in swelling since. I have been wearing my TED hose and trying to put my feet up whenever possible, but I suspect this is probably just my new normal! Oh well, it could definitely be worse!

Oh, and I have no idea how pregnant women survive in the summer without a pool! I feel like a sweaty steam engine all the time and I LOVE the pool in the backyard! It feels so great! And it makes me feel weightless. . .lovely!! Speaking of weight, I did weigh myself today, and I did hit the goal of gaining exactly 24 lbs in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy! YAY for healthy weight gain!! Hopefully the babies are gaining piles of weight as well! We see them again next Wednesday on July 28th at our next OB appointment. Woo hoo!

That's all for now! Hope you all are doing well and are staying cool!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

23 week belly pics =)

Hello! I don't have anything new to report. . .the girls are still practicing their karate skills on a regular basis (most commonly between 2 AM- 4AM), and momma is hungry ALL THE TIME, so same old same old=). I guess this post will literally just be a posting of belly pics at the 23 week mark!

Enjoy! Anything exciting going on with you guys???

Here's a "normal" pic of me at 23 weeks. . .

I look bigger or smaller depending on what I'm wearing. In this pic, I think I look a bit smaller. . .

In this pic, I think I look a bit bigger. . .and wow, sexy tag on my see through tank top! NICE! Thanks for giving me a heads up about how that looked in the picture Si! LOL =)

Hope you all have a blessed rest of your week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

22 week OB appointment update

This is the position the babies are in! A yin-yang! Baby Olivia is head down with her feet up in my ribs. Baby Brianna is feet down (on my bladder) with her head up in my ribs. Crazy girls!

So they look great. They are both still measuring ahead, one 1 day ahead and the other 2 days ahead. They are both in the 50th percentile for size, weight, and femur length (which I have been told is excellent for twinnos!). Baby Olivia is weighing in at 1 lb 4 oz and Baby Brianna is weighing in at 1 lb 3 oz. They are getting bigger as we speak! Heartbeats were good, fluid levels were good, and my cervix is peachy. All good news!

I go back in 3 weeks (as long as nothing comes up before then). After that visit (at 25 weeks) I will start my every two week visits. I will do my sugar test at week 27, and then they will start doing non-stress tests on the babies between 28 and 30 weeks. I feel like we are moving right along now! YAY!

Oh, and of course we have some ultrasound pics for you to look at! The girls are getting a little too big to fit their entire body on the screen (or picture) so you get more of pictures of body parts instead of pictures of babies. Too funny. You can see if you can make out what they told us these ultrasound pictures were. HA!

This is a shot of Olivia's face

This is a profile shot of Olivia

This is a profile pic of Brianna (with no head)

This is a pic of Brianna's face (I think it's creepy!)

And here is a pic of a foot! I LOVE feet pics! You can see the little toes!!!

Have a great rest of your week everyone! I can't believe it's already Thursday. . .holiday weeks rock!! =)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

22 week belly pics =)

It's that time again! Time for belly pics! YAY!

Here's the newest pics, taken tonight at 22 weeks:

We had an exciting weekend! We went up to Kearney for the 4th and Si's mom had an open house for our first baby shower (in combination with a wedding shower for Sylvia - Si's brother's fiancee). We all had a great time and were blessed with SO many gifts!! It was amazing! We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends! Now I get to write the thank you notes - it could take a while!!

What else is going on? We had our multiples class tonight - it was called multiple blessings =). The teacher was a triplet mom. I'm really glad we went because she was amazing and had some really good insight for us. Among other things she told us that we will likely go through 150 diapers a week - yikes - but she gave us some helpful information about the cheapest places to buy diapers, and where to get stuff for free! Now we just have to decide what other classes we still need to take. . .childbirth preparation? Breastfeeding multiples? Lamaze?? We have time still to decide, but not all that much! Time is quickly sneaking away from us!

Oh, and we have our next OB appointment tomorrow. We aren't actually seeing the OB (he took an extended weekend and all of his appointments had to be rescheduled), so we are seeing his PA. She is super nice and I know she will try really hard to get us some good ultrasound pics to post! If we get some, I will have Si scan them so I can post them for you all to see! Everyone likes to see the babies right? =).

Okay, that's really all I have for now! Happy Tuesday all!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

21 weeks and still truckin along!

Happy Thursday!

We are 21 weeks this week. Things are progressing nicely! The girls are kicking like crazy (especially at night and after lunch) and Si has had fun trying to feel them=). Some of the not so nice pregnancy things are starting to set in though. . . pelvic pressure and the feeling that I CONSTANTLY have to pee are new on the agenda this week. Oh, and we can't forget about our friend Braxton Hicks contractions - yup - throw some of those in there too! Funny how last week I didn't have any of these issues (except the occasional BH contraction) and this week I've been steam-rolled with new issues!

I did call my OB about the pelvic pressure and the constant feeling that I needed to pee - and they thought that maybe I had a bladder infection or a UTI. So, they requested that I come into the clinic quick and pee in a cup. They told me if I came in that they would do a fun ultrasound scan just so I could see the girls. Do they know how to get me to come in or what? I was there in under 30 minutes!

The "sample" was totally clean - no UTI or bladder infection. But, they decided today that they are going to treat me for an infection anyway. Sometimes apparently they can hide and my symptoms indicate that I may have one. Fine by me. I'd rather be treated just in case! As for the ultrasound - the girls look wonderful as always! She tried to get some 4D pictures of the girls for me, but they still look like creepy aliens on the 4D! I still love them though! =)

Oh, and of course we have belly pics for you! Si just took new ones tonight. So, here is your picture fix for the week. Me at 21 weeks 2 days.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!! Stay safe (and cool)!