Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

22 week belly pics =)

It's that time again! Time for belly pics! YAY!

Here's the newest pics, taken tonight at 22 weeks:

We had an exciting weekend! We went up to Kearney for the 4th and Si's mom had an open house for our first baby shower (in combination with a wedding shower for Sylvia - Si's brother's fiancee). We all had a great time and were blessed with SO many gifts!! It was amazing! We are so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends! Now I get to write the thank you notes - it could take a while!!

What else is going on? We had our multiples class tonight - it was called multiple blessings =). The teacher was a triplet mom. I'm really glad we went because she was amazing and had some really good insight for us. Among other things she told us that we will likely go through 150 diapers a week - yikes - but she gave us some helpful information about the cheapest places to buy diapers, and where to get stuff for free! Now we just have to decide what other classes we still need to take. . .childbirth preparation? Breastfeeding multiples? Lamaze?? We have time still to decide, but not all that much! Time is quickly sneaking away from us!

Oh, and we have our next OB appointment tomorrow. We aren't actually seeing the OB (he took an extended weekend and all of his appointments had to be rescheduled), so we are seeing his PA. She is super nice and I know she will try really hard to get us some good ultrasound pics to post! If we get some, I will have Si scan them so I can post them for you all to see! Everyone likes to see the babies right? =).

Okay, that's really all I have for now! Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Multiples class, that sounds like a great idea! I have only seen really overpriced classes for lamaze and something else. Was yours at the hospital that you will deliver in? I should take another look at that booklet they gave me :-)
    You look great, and looks like the crater belly button is going?
    Im having my glucose test this week - wonder why they are doing mine so much earlier than yours. Oh well, hopefully i will "pass" but if they look at my feet they may just tell me i didnt pass cuz they are HUGE!!! Are you having that problem too?!?!?
    Is your doc able to do 3 or 4d pics of the girls? When do you think they can get a good shot? I think my tech said not until after 24 weeks but i cant really remember that well.

  2. Multiples class was awesome! It was only a one time class, but we learned so much from the "teacher" that it was definitely time well spent. This was offered by our hospital. Si doesn't think we should do lamaze until we know whether or not we are going to have a C-section. . .no reason to pay for a class you won't use! I wish my hospital offered a breastfeeding multiples class, but no such luck. . .they just said to make sure to work with the lactation consultant after the babies are born. She said with multiples that the LC would be all over us!
    With the glucose test, they said they do it between 26-28 weeks. I don't know if my test is different from everyone elses - according to the PA I have to fast for 8 hours first, and it's a 1 hour test, not the 3 hour test, so I'm uber confused. I'm not doing it until 27 weeks anyway. One more normal OB visit before that one!
    My hands and arms are pretty swollen, but I haven't noticed the swelling in my feet or ankles yet (not that that means much since I can't see them! HA!). I figured it would happen. . .I was hoping it would hold off for a while, but wasn't really expecting it to. It comes with the territory I guess!
    Yeah, they can do the 3D and 4D pics. They did some a couple weeks ago but the girls still looked really creepy! They told me at 25 weeks when the girls have some fat on them that the 3D/4D pics will look a lot better. I'm definitely looking forward to that! I think I actually prefer the "normal" u/s pics at this point!!


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