Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

24 Weeks!

We've hit 24 weeks! We are to the point of viability!!! If the babies were born today they would likely survive! They would spend a ton of time in the NICU, but they would survive!!! SOOO exciting!

Up until this point if something happened it was unlikely the babies would make it. That isn't the case now. Of course we don't want them born now - far from it! I'd like to keep these munchkins safely within their mommy for another 12 weeks or so. This is just the first of several exciting milestones we will hit in the next several months. Our next milestone? 28 weeks =)

As is customary, I have belly pics to share with you. I'm getting nice and round and large! I love it!!

Here's a pic of me in "normal" clothes:

Here's a pic of me sideways in a tank top =):

And here's a pic of me sideways with my bare belly! Definitely getting bigger!!

So what else is going on? Well, I had my first feet/ankle swelling incident Friday. I thought that swelling would be a gradual thing. . .a little here, a little there. My hands have been a bit swollen for weeks and I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring (sad days). I knew that my feet and ankles would follow suit at some point. Well, Friday my ankles swelled. . .to the point that I couldn't tell they were ankles. And my feet swelled too! AHHH! They haven't really gone down in swelling since. I have been wearing my TED hose and trying to put my feet up whenever possible, but I suspect this is probably just my new normal! Oh well, it could definitely be worse!

Oh, and I have no idea how pregnant women survive in the summer without a pool! I feel like a sweaty steam engine all the time and I LOVE the pool in the backyard! It feels so great! And it makes me feel weightless. . .lovely!! Speaking of weight, I did weigh myself today, and I did hit the goal of gaining exactly 24 lbs in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy! YAY for healthy weight gain!! Hopefully the babies are gaining piles of weight as well! We see them again next Wednesday on July 28th at our next OB appointment. Woo hoo!

That's all for now! Hope you all are doing well and are staying cool!!


  1. Oh do I hear you on the swollen feet and ankles, its almost funny how large they are! I can only wear 2 pair of shoes now and unfortunately for my boss, they are flip flops, lol. My left foot and ankle look like a cartoon sometimes cuz they are so big! What are TED hose? My doc said to go to the store and get some compression hose, same thing as you are talking about? We have a lil pool in the backyard too - its only like 7 foot wide and maybe 4.5 feet deep - I keep saying im going in but I don’t. I went in a pool in FL and it was amazing, the weightlessness is just too wonderful!

  2. Sexy! Flip flops eh? My boss told me to wear tennis shoes. . .I NEVER wear tennis shoes though. . .unless I'm going for a run or something! Yes, TED hose are a type of compression hose. I have several pairs, they gave them to me each time I had LAP surgery. They only come up to my knees (which is good) but some come up to your thighs, and some compression hose may go totally over your bump. No thank you! We've already had the discussion about how difficult it is to put undergarments and pants on - imagine how hard it would be to put on the equivalent of tights! Impossible!!
    You NEED to get in the pool! My pool is 10' found and only 3' deep, but it is still heavenly! I would rather turn into a raisin than get out of the pool. . .it's pretty sad actually. You really shoudl get in because you will love it and won't want to get out!

  3. I am stopping over from Multiples & More and have added your blog to my list to follow! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with triplets and am anxiously awaiting getting to 24 weeks as well...but you're right we DO NOT want them born for several more months.

    Looking forward to following your story.


  4. Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I'm so excited to follow the progress of your twin girls. Your belly pics are fabulous. Hang in there!


    Juli (from Wake Up Laughing)

  5. Congrats!! There's nothing better than twin girls! (But I'm a little partial - I am a twin and have twin girls!) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! I miss my baby belly!


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