Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 19 and Week 20 belly pics

It is amazing how much a pregnant woman can grow in 5 days.

I kid you not.

The pictures of me wearing purple are from 19 weeks 3 days. The pictures of me wearing red are from 20 weeks 1 day (today). I think there is a HUGE difference between the two! I sure hope the babies are growing like crazy and not just my belly! LOL!!

Sorry for being a slacker and not posting any belly pics until now. . .I could have posted these days ago, but alas, I did not. Oh well, you get a double dose of pictures this way, and that's always fun right??

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Stay cool!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

19 week OB appointment

We had our 19 week OB appointment yesterday (I think it's normally at 20 weeks, but we're special I guess- LOL). Everything still looks GREAT!

It's still two little ladies in there (my OB checks every time for me just to be sure -hehe), and they are still just a growing away! As of yesterday one baby was measuring 19w5d (4 days ahead) and the other was measuring 19w2d (1 day ahead). The OB said they both look perfect! Size is good, (both up over the 50th percentile), weight is good (one weighs 10 oz and the other weighs 12 oz), fluid is good, and cervix is measuring great! We go back in 3 weeks as long as nothing comes up before then=)

Oh. . .and they weighed me and I about fell over. . .not only have I gained back the weight that I lost in the first trimester, but I have gained another 12 lbs on top of it. YIKES! They were not concerned at all and said I was doing great, but I couldn't believe what that scale was telling me! It all comes with the territory I suppose. I just thought with all the difficulty I had maintaining weight in the 1st trimester that it would take me a bit to pack on the poundage. . .apparently not! Well, grow babies grow! As long as you guys are growing away that's all that matters!

We did get some ultrasound pics, but only one was a good profile of one of the girls. We got pictures of their girly-ness again, pics of their little feet (SO CUTE!), and random pics of their heads and such. Some of the pics are below. They tried to get full body/profile pics, but the girls are just too smooshed up against each other to get any good ones. Oh well, as long as they are happy and healthy life is good=)

Profile pic of one of the girls:

Picture of a set of little feet! Can you see the little toes!? ADORABLE!

Olivia with her legs spread (AGAIN!). We are going to have to teach these little ladies some manners when they come out!

Brianna with her legs spread (AGAIN) too! LOL! I think because one of the placentas in anterior now the OB has a hard time getting pics. . .so, we take what we can get right? =)

And I'm feeling fat today, so no momma pictures will be posted today (usually at least once a week I have a day where I feel like a whale and refuse to have my picture taken!). Maybe tomorrow=). I have to keep up our trend of posting growing belly pics once a week! I know so many people check in just to see my bump progress!!

Hope you all are doing well! Have a blessed rest of your week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pregnancy Buddies!

It's always fun to have a partner in crime. . .especially when pregnant =)

This is my partner in crime. We hit up the Valentino's buffet on Thursday, and she and her husband were in town again today so we snapped a couple of quick pictures of the two of us together. Look at those bellies!!

We are about 8 weeks apart on due dates. Sheila is about 27 weeks with a singleton, and I am about 19 weeks with twins. I love it!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

18 weeks!

We are 18 weeks pregnant! YAY! Every week gets us closer to the goal of two happy healthy baby girls, and I'm SO pumped about that!

In other news, our second crib got delivered today! We had ordered one crib before this last IVF cycle (I call it the faith crib) because it was the one I wanted (the first time I got a BFP) and it had been discontinued so I was worried I wouldn't be able to find it when I actually got pregnant again, so we just bought it ahead of time. We put it together about a week and a half ago. After checking it out in person instead of in pictures online, we decided that it was nice and sturdy and we still really liked it and should go ahead and order another (so the cribs for the girls matched). So crib #2 came today. . .but we can't put it together yet. We have to move around the bedrooms on the main floor to make way for a nursery. . .I'm just not quite ready to do that yet! But we have the crib for when we do=)

I have some new pictures to share with you all - I know pictures are the favorite part of the blog=). I did another bare belly pic in this grouping - this time head on - and holy buckets I think I look ginourmous!

There was a little bit of drama last Thursday that I didn't blog about, but I probably should just so everyone is in the loop! So here's what happened. Last Thursday morning I was having some pain (felt like nasty gas pains or something, but I wasn't constipated - well, more than normal anyway - hehe - the joys of pregnancy right?).

The pain went all the way across my pelvis/uterus and would last for about 15-20 seconds. This pain came and went several times (probably 10) over the course of several hours. I felt my uterus at the same time I felt the pain to see if it was contracting and it wasn't, so I wasn't really sure what was going on. I called my OB, and they had me come in to be checked. He did an internal check and all was well there, no cervix dilating, still thick, etc. (aka - no pre-term labor) and then he did an ultrasound. One of the baby's placentas previously was super close to the cervix (which was a BAD place to be - it had caused a bleeding incident a couple of weeks ago), and apparently it has since moved anterior and is covering the whole front of my uterus (which isn't ideal, but it's better than being so close to the cervix). Anyway, this (the anterior placenta) is where the pain is coming from. The problem with this pain is it is apparently similar to what I would feel if I was having contractions, and I need to be able to tell if I am having contractions as opposed to pain from the placenta. So, my OB prescribed me 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate injections to be administered once a week. This is commonly given to women to prevent pre term labor. He said it would relax my uterus, and would keep my cervix nice and thick, and consequently would keep me from going into pre-term labor too (hopefully). It's an IM injection in the booty once a week. We are pros with IM injections, so no worries there. This one actually didn't hurt at all, and I didn't even have to ice! Awesome!

Anyway, so that was my update. The girls are still girls (lol) and are doing fine - one was weighing in at 7 oz and the other at 8 oz. One was measuring nearly a week ahead and the other is measuring 4 days ahead. The week before when I was in (at 16 weeks) they were exactly the same so I was a bit concerned, but the OB told me this is totally normal and now one will probably continue to be bigger than the other, and that's okay. We go back in to see the OB on June 16th=). As long as there is no other drama before then of course. . .

So that's what I know! Hope you all are having a lovely yet uneventful week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

17 weeks!

I'm 17 weeks today! YAY! And the most AMAZING thing happened last night. . .the girls kicked! And I felt it! And I knew exactly what it was! And it was SO cool!!! They kicked again today at lunch time after I ate some chicken. I LOVE it!!!

All is going well with momma and babies - not much at all to report. I'm getting bigger, so here's a couple of updated pictures of me from today. I actually got pretty brave and had Si take a pic of my belly with my shirt up! AHHH!

We did receive some very sad news over the weekend, and are asking for prayers for some family members. A family member was 35 weeks pregnant with a precious baby girl who was delivered stillborn today. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, her husband, and their family. We know that this precious little girl is up in heaven right now at peace, playing with the other angel babies. This is such a hard thing to go through, and we pray for peace and a show of love and support for the family. We appreciate any extra prayers you can share as well.

Hope you and yours are doing well and enjoyed a lovely extended weekend=).