Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, June 17, 2010

19 week OB appointment

We had our 19 week OB appointment yesterday (I think it's normally at 20 weeks, but we're special I guess- LOL). Everything still looks GREAT!

It's still two little ladies in there (my OB checks every time for me just to be sure -hehe), and they are still just a growing away! As of yesterday one baby was measuring 19w5d (4 days ahead) and the other was measuring 19w2d (1 day ahead). The OB said they both look perfect! Size is good, (both up over the 50th percentile), weight is good (one weighs 10 oz and the other weighs 12 oz), fluid is good, and cervix is measuring great! We go back in 3 weeks as long as nothing comes up before then=)

Oh. . .and they weighed me and I about fell over. . .not only have I gained back the weight that I lost in the first trimester, but I have gained another 12 lbs on top of it. YIKES! They were not concerned at all and said I was doing great, but I couldn't believe what that scale was telling me! It all comes with the territory I suppose. I just thought with all the difficulty I had maintaining weight in the 1st trimester that it would take me a bit to pack on the poundage. . .apparently not! Well, grow babies grow! As long as you guys are growing away that's all that matters!

We did get some ultrasound pics, but only one was a good profile of one of the girls. We got pictures of their girly-ness again, pics of their little feet (SO CUTE!), and random pics of their heads and such. Some of the pics are below. They tried to get full body/profile pics, but the girls are just too smooshed up against each other to get any good ones. Oh well, as long as they are happy and healthy life is good=)

Profile pic of one of the girls:

Picture of a set of little feet! Can you see the little toes!? ADORABLE!

Olivia with her legs spread (AGAIN!). We are going to have to teach these little ladies some manners when they come out!

Brianna with her legs spread (AGAIN) too! LOL! I think because one of the placentas in anterior now the OB has a hard time getting pics. . .so, we take what we can get right? =)

And I'm feeling fat today, so no momma pictures will be posted today (usually at least once a week I have a day where I feel like a whale and refuse to have my picture taken!). Maybe tomorrow=). I have to keep up our trend of posting growing belly pics once a week! I know so many people check in just to see my bump progress!!

Hope you all are doing well! Have a blessed rest of your week!


  1. A.DOR.A.BLE!!!
    LOVE those pics :)
    Are Olivia and Brianna their names?
    So cute!!!
    I missed that part :)
    Having girls is so, so, so much fun!!!

  2. I HATE the fat days. Come stand next to me chica! You look like a beautiful and happy pregnant momma! No mistaking!

    I love the toes! So cute!

  3. I HATE the fat days too Sheila! I'm glad they only happen about once a week=). LOL! Well you look like a beautiful and happy pregnant momma too!! I'll pose with you anytime!!
    Jen - you are so clever! Yes, we are pretty darn sure Olivia and Brianna are going to be their names. We actually hadn't announced that yet - this was my first subtle stab at it (hehe). When the OB was doing the u/s he asked if we had names for them yet, then he wrote their names on the u/s printouts! Makes it a bit more real that way!! We can still change them of course, but. . . .
    We too are totally pumped about having two girls=). Thanks so much for dropping by! I love the comments from a fellow twin girl momma=). Grace and Faith are just the cutest little ladies EVER!!! I stalk your blog on a regular basis =)

  4. Awww, love the names Meg! Great that you guys were able to come to an agreement so soon. Is Si feeling a lil out numbered yet, lol!
    I have my 20 week (but im going at 19 weeks too) on tuesday. I guess im special too, lol!
    You and i are in a race to see who can gain more during this twin pregnancy..... i dont mind if you win that one ;-p


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