Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Game on! Or at least, trigger on!

It's wrong on so many levels to have to be at the RE's office at 7 AM on a Sunday. I mean seriously??? Can we at least sleep until 8 before I am forced to strip down and be violated with an ultrasound wand? I'm kidding of course...well, kind of. Fellow infertiles feel my pain. Honestly I'm just happy my RE is open on the weekends! There are many RE's that aren't=).

So Si is supposed to give the update for the day, so I am passing the computer over to him!

Good morning! But I digress... I do not think that I could have said it any better than Megan. There is something wrong with having to crawl out of bed before 7am on a holiday weekend day. I don't think that it is natural to be up this early... I guess that when you are awake to hear what the next week will consist of we make an exception. But I shall move on to the important info of the day. Which is the information that was gathered while at the RE appointment this morning.

It was actually pleasant that we did not have to wait that long before we were seen. Which is swell, especially since they were busy. However, the RE was not real forthcoming with information this morning which was a little disappointing.

She did not technically count the number of eggs that Megan is producing this cycle. She did say that there were multiple eggs that were over 20, which is excellent but she did not elaborate on the total amount of eggs on both sides. I guess the best way to refer to what we saw on the ultrasound that her ovaries definitely looked like "monkey bread."

Here is what we know at this point in regard to scheduling for the next couple of days. On Tuesday morning we will need to be at the outpatient surgery center here in the Big O at 7am, again... What is the deal with early morning start times...

If this is the actual retrieval of the eggs then that would put the 5 day transfer on next Sunday for impregnation (defined by J. as "the act of impregnating"). This will probably occur around 10 am based on our past experiences.

This is the schedule for the next week, it will be an interesting and anxiety filled week for both Megan and myself. Our spare time will be spent analyzing her particular estrogen level, or how many embryos made it through the night. This adds SOOO much stress that it is hard to concentrate on day to day activites. The wonderful thing is that we can walkthrough it together...

I guess now all we can do is to see what happens, huh???

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