Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fertilization Report!

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen! We just got the call from the RE with our fertilization report for the day. . .AND. . .

They aspirated 30 decent sized eggs yesterday. . .

Of the 30 eggs aspirated, 21 were mature and had ICSI (inter cytoplasmic sperm injection) completed yesterday afternoon or last night

Of the 21, 20 fertilized and are dividing normally!

They froze 7 of the 20 right away (this AM), and are growing out the other 13 to blastocyst stage.

The other 9 eggies that were retrieved (but weren't deemed mature yesterday) were grown out over night last night, and if they are now mature they will have 2nd day ICSI done today (so we may very well end up with more than 20 fertilized! Praise God!).

Those that have the second day ICSI today and successfully fertilize by tomorrow will be frozen with the other 7 already frozen embryos. The 13 non frozen embryos will continue to be grown out to day 5/day 6 blastocyst stage, and we are hoping that at least 2-4 out of that group make it so we can have some good blastocysts to choose from for the transfer. Any blastocysts that survive to day 5 that are not transferred will be frozen for future transfers.

Our day 5 embryo transfer is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 21st=)

Thanks for all of your kind wishes and prayers! We whole-heartedly appreciate it!!

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