Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Saturday, February 27, 2010

6dp5dt. . . . and it IS time to start testing!

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I love POAS (Peeing on a Stick). . .I don't know why, I just do. Oh wait, we discussed this in a previous post. I DO know why - it's a control thing - in a world where very little can be controlled, WHEN I find out that I am pregnant is whole-heartedly (at least partially) under my control. And I LOVE it.

SO, in the event that you haven't guessed yet, we tested. So you want to see???

Do you?

Okay, fine.

Enough with the suspense!

We HAVE been blessed!!! And we are SOOOO thankful!!! Official confirmation will not come until Monday, but how can you argue with this???


We are so hopeful and are praying that the "third time's the charm", meaning the 3rd pregnancy is the one that actually sticks. Please God, let this be our time!

With us, any time there is good news, there also seems to be a "but". This is no exception. While Si is in no way concerned about this, I AM. I took these tests this morning, and they are beautiful. BUT, this afternoon I started spotting. Why, I'm not sure. I will call the RE in the AM and have them get me in for blood work and maybe an ultrasound. My beta confirmation day isn't even until Monday so they will be quite surprised when I call them in the AM with a request for confirmation blood work and an ultrasound to see where the blood is coming from!

I'm quite sure that my progesterone levels are fine - they were 59 on Sunday - and that is very nice and decently high to maintain a pregnancy (and we are taking the lovely progesterone in oil shots, so it is unlikely it has dropped much if any at all). In my first pregnancy, I bled, and they determined that my ovaries were bleeding. I have endometrioma cysts on my ovaries, so when they rupture they bleed. . . perhaps that is the case this time as well. My ovaries DID just have a workout producing 50 follicles...maybe this is the recourse from that! Anyway, I digress. . .=)

We continue to appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers, and hope you all are doing well!

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  1. What time is your appt and when will you know the number????? Do they tell you it needs to be a certain number or no? My RE never said anything about that but I hear some that do.
    Im sooooo happy for you and your right, the spotting is prob just from the ovaries, they are overworked thats for sure!


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