Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Friday, January 27, 2012

PE 101 Kids Gym

We went back to PE 101 on Wednesday morning and we had a great time once again!
This time mommy remembered to bring her camera, so I can actually share the awesomeness with you!

Livvy in the foam pit - loving it of course =)

Bri in the foam pit - SO happy!

Livvy (and Bri too) loving their time on the trampoline!

Bri climbing into the rodeo clown mat barrel =)

Livvy actually climbing through the rodeo clown mat barrel =)

And our last picture before leaving PE 101 - one last jump into the foam pit with mommy! Can you tell we are pooped?!?!
And yes, I actually got in and out of the foam pit multiple times while we were there. It's a really cool feeling - so soft! And it's deep...4 ft at least. That's A LOT of foam!
(BTW, no, that isn't pregnant me in red on the other side of the pit - I am in purple, mostly hidden by Brianna's head. However, if you look closely, you can see my

Seriously we think this is the coolest place ever! The girls love it there. We are going back next Wednesday evening for a private play group. Lots of our MoM friends are going to be there to play so it should be a great time! =)

Do you guys have super cool play places like this close to you??? Do your kids love it?

What about bounce houses? Do you think the girls are too young to go to the bounce places, or do you think they'd have a great time? What other activities do you suggest?

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  1. My oldes LOVES bounce houses. We like to go to places that have them indoors but we always seem to run into kids that don't know how to play well with others and we tend to leave. We hung out with some of friends last year and they had their own bounce house that the kids could play with outside. We were SOLD. We came home and went to and purchased this...
    It wasn't very expensive given the fact that we knew we would have 3 kids that would be playing with it. It is also big enough to have friends over to enjoy as well. Just a thought :). It looks like your girls really like that foam pit. We need to find a place like that in Houston.

  2. I want one of those places near us!

    We took the babies to a bounce house place called Monkey Joe's last weekend. It was cold and rainy and we wanted them to have a place to run around and play.

    We didn't like it.

    1. it was dirty (your place looks so much nicer).
    2. the toddler area was very small compared to the rest of the place.
    3. bigger kids took over the toddler area.
    4. outside of the toddler area, the kids were so aggressive that I was scared for Em and Drew (and not in that over-protective Mama Bear kind of way). Even my husband said the kids were way too rude and the parents were no where to be found.

    Just our experience...for now, I think we'll stick to our ball pit at home or to Little Gym (or a place like PE 101 Gym, if we can find it)!

  3. I like it; a playgym for toddlers. I wonder if they're in Canada too

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! I am YOUR newest follower :) Your girls are absolutely beautiful!! This gym looks so girls love the bounce places...they would go crazy in a class like this!!


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