Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The snow, the snow!

We are currently experiencing our second real snow fall of the season. The girls have been mesmerized watching out the living room window as the snow has fallen and blanketed the cars, the grass, and the trees.

Naturally, we decided to bundle everyone up (pugs included!) to go outside to play in the snow. It's wet, heavy snow, perfect for snowmen and snowball fights.

We lasted all of about 10 minutes...

Livvy loved it...

Bri was obsessed with trying to catch snowflakes in her mouth...

The pugs decided that they were freezing and would much rather be

Glad we are getting good use out of our snowsuits...finally! =)

Until next time -


  1. How cute are they in their snowsuits!!? It's sunny and mid 50's here today!! CRAZY!

  2. I have a giveaway going! Perfect for your coming little man :)

  3. So sweet! We managed to stay inside yesterday but I told Andy next year - it would be impossible to not go out and build a snow man and play until everyone's fingers and toes are frozen! I love the puggies outer wear too! PS - Go vote for me on Facebook!!!! And tell Si to as well!!!


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