Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, January 2, 2012

Some time to ourselves =)

For the first time since the girlies were born, Si and I BOTH got to sleep in this morning! It was AMAZING!
To clarify, we made it all the way to 8:25 AM - definitely not "sleeping in" according to our previous standards - but post baby that is awesome!
Si and I were both off today, but our nanny extraordinaire volunteered to work anyway, so we JUMPED on the opportunity to have some time to ourselves and go out and about without the girlies!!

After we leisurely made our way downstairs and were greeted by two beautiful little smiling faces,

we took showers and got ready to head off to the movies. Again, our first movie together at a theater since before the girls were born. We saw Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol. It was a great movie! An excellent choice for our first movie together in nearly 18 months!

We then decided to run to the mall and hit up Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale (what can I say, I'm a sucker for VS stuff), and we dropped by Target since we were right there too. I was so proud of myself for finding my bargain buy of the day....a new Chicco Playyard for Baby C...normally $189.99, on clearance for $56.84!!!! (Seriously, check out the specs on this thing - it has a play yard with toys attached, it vibrates, it plays music - holy buckets! These baby/kid items are getting so advanced!)

I figured that Baby C would need to start out in a pack n play, and I intended to buy him a new one (since Bri has killed the Winnie the Pooh one), but I didn't expect to get this particular one, and I didn't expect the purchase to happen quite this early! Oh well. The new pack and play was my one big purchase that I intended for Baby C...that and maybe a new carseat since the girl's car seats are a set and match the stroller that we intend to sell at the multiples sale in April. I figured the pack and play would be a relatively pricey purchase. I feel so proud of my thriftiness! YAY! =)

Otherwise we had a very low key New Year's. We caught the tail end of the fireworks Saturday night in the Downtown Omaha Old Market, then drove through Mickey D's for some ice cream (Dairy Queen was closed already - slackers). New Years Day we went to church, then lots of playing together on the floor and just plain old having fun=). It was a great start to 2012!

It's been over 4 weeks since I've posted a shot of my growing baby bump, and I am proud to say that my bump is coming along! I think I look pregnant now! YAY! And I really started feeling baby C move earlier in the's such an amazing feeling...I remember missing the kicks so much after the girls were I remember why!
Anyhow, here's a current belly shot, just shy of 17 weeks =)

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2012!! Happy New Year blogger peeps!

Until next time -


  1. Yay for a day with a nanny and a day with hubby! We also saw MI 3 this weekend and it was also our first movie since the babies!

    Your bump is adorable! Love it!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day off! That's awesome that you guys were able to have some time together.
    You look great!! LOVE your photo wall behind you in the pic!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Love a bargain, and you've aplenty. Well done! Your bump is beautiful.

  4. Wow... I don't think Brad and I could go ever that long without theater popcorn! LOL! Glad you got some time away! Hope you can do it a few more times before that little man arrives! You look GREAT!!

  5. You look so cute! So awesome of your nanny to volunteer to work so you guys could have a day together. I love my kids and I LOVE being a mom but sometimes I miss the spontaneous me-time. But I also miss the belly-kicks. LOL Sounds like you guys are doing great.

  6. Good for you mama. You are totally glowing

  7. Happy New Year! What a bargain! YAY! Baby C???? Baby BOY!

  8. Hi Megan! Happy 2012 to you...I have popped over from MaMe Musings to say hi and I am now following your blog :)
    Your girls are so adorable, just look at their smiles!!! Good luck with your pregnancy, and hopefully you can fit a few more days like this one into your schedule before baby #3 arrives :)
    Have a good day!!

  9. You make a really adorable pregnant girl. :)

  10. Yay! On all accounts. And you look SO cute :)


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