Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, January 9, 2012

Girlies vs. Lemon Meringue Pie

Aunt Denise picked up a Lemon Meringue pie from Village Inn on Friday. The girls seemed interested in this fluffy yellow creation, so we gave them a bite or two. They made the awful sour food face and wanted nothing to do with it (which we didn't catch on camera of course, but was definitely hilarious).

Fast forward to today....we were finishing up the remainder of the Lemon Meringue pie after dinner and the girls again wanted some. Fine I thought, but you aren't going to like it!

On the contrary!

They LOVED it! Crazy!

I stuck them back in their highchairs and put some pie on their high chair trays....

This is the final outcome....LOL! The girls really enjoyed the pie, and consequently we learned that lemon meringue pie would also work as a stellar hair gel, just in case you were curious and in the market...HA!



Pie = 0, Girlies = 2. Lemon Meringue pie is no match for our girls!

Hope you are having a great day!

PS - Thanks for all of your input on the sippy cups! We intend to transition to the hard spout Platex ones THAT DON'T LEAK in the next week or two =). Then hopefully, within a couple months, to regular cups. You're suggestions were awesome!! Thanks ladies!!!

Until next time -


  1. Oh how adorable are they?! And I LOVE the top Valentine-y picture. Their outfits are perfection.

  2. The sweet tooth is on now!

    I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE their new pictures!

  3. Those pictures are great! :) :)

    I really had to "work" to get our girls to like sweet stuff...even ice cream! I remember laughing to myself, thinking, it's a good thing I saw them as they were born, otherwise I'd have my doubts. HA!

    I also laughed, knowing I probably shouldn't "work" so hard *trying* to get them to like sweets...but it just seemed wrong to have an 18-month old that didn't like ice cream! ;)

    I'm happy (I guess?) to report that they're rather big fans now. ;)

  4. You know what this means right?! you'll have to hide in the restroom to have your desserts all to yourself from now on.

    Your header pictures always make me so green; they really delightful.

    PS: thanks for the 8 comments. You made that one of my most-commented on posts. LOL!

  5. Those pictures are great! Full of so much happiness!


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