Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eradication of the bottles...

We made the decision on Thursday; Friday would be the last day the girls would be getting bottles, and they would make the "cold turkey" transition to nothing but sippy cups starting Saturday morning.


It's gone fairly well.

Olivia was furious Saturday morning when Daddy handed her a sippy cup of milk instead of a bottle. I'm quite sure she chucked it multiple times in fact. She refused to drink it. And we let her pout. By about 11 AM she had come around and was fine with the sippy cups. She was upset that we gave her a sippy cup for her last nighttime bottle as well, and again, chucked the sippy cup. BUT... she had no problems going down for the night. Success!

Brianna was pretty much fine from the get go, but our issue with her and sippy cups has been that she spits whatever liquid they may contain out onto the puddles of milk and juice everywhere. Ugh. Overall though, she really didn't spit that much out yesterday. YAY. Progress!

Actually the biggest hurdle we ran into was that the stupid cups (while SUPPOSEDLY leak free) leak like crazy. This was not a good time to figure this out! We've been using sippy cups for months for juice in the mornings and occasionally milk througout the day, and I'd never really noticed any leaking problems. But now, now that we are guns a blazing, full speed ahead with sippy cups, AND we have spent a small fortune trying different kinds and purchasing enough for a decent supply, we find that they are pieces of crap and leak. UGH. We are using the Nuby sippy cups with the flexible spouts (not straws). DISLIKE.

I'm trying to decide what exactly we should switch to...we tried a bunch of different kinds to start with (most with less flexible "spouts") and this was the only kind they would take. We haven't tried the Born Free sippy cups that you can buy at Whole Foods...well, because they are $12.99 A PIECE. Um, we would need like that math...I don't really want to spend that on sippy cups! I suppose I could get a couple and see if the girls would even take them and do my own little review....I know one of my other twin momma friends "Miss O" uses them and loves them....hmmm...(and as a side note, they are only $9.97 on Amazon, so I would save a little bit of money ordering that way...)

So, for the time being, we have kicked the bottle habit! We have been bottle free for nearly 40 hours. YAY! Go girlies go! The next challenge on our list is an introduction to potty training (yes, you heard me right and I have a whole blog post about it) but we have to fully conquer our sippy cup escapades first!!

So...what sippy cup has worked for you and your kiddos? Any expert advice for me guys?

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! We are enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures here and are spending lots of time outside =). Here's a picture of the girls with Aunt Denise by the pond (not that you can see the pond)...they are loving it!

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  1. Um, a word on the nuby cups. I found out that I got them so cheap because they were the last of an old style. I've bought and chucked a lot more of the new style because it's hard to suck out of and when I innovatively cut off the tip of the valve, it leaked.

    We are now back to the Playtex stage 3 cup with the hard spout and that insulated cup that has the disney princesses drawn all over it. I think it's by First Years. Both have been fairly leakfree when assembled correctly.

    In a couple of weeks when your girls are used to sippy all the way, they'll probably be more accepting of the hard spouts.

  2. Born leak too after a few runs through the dishwasher... At least my blue and yellow ones do. They don't leak as bad as the nubby ones above though. But definitely not worth the price for they way they do leak in my opinion. :=)

    The only ones that don't leak that I have found and tried are the platex ones. LOVE!

    Go girlies! Yay to be bottle free!

  3. I'm a big fan of the Born Free toddler transition cups. I got them for $9.99 but so far we only have 2 since my girls still mostly drink out of bottles.

    Can't wait to hear about the potty training!

  4. Once we made the transition to full time sippy cups we had to start fresh with new ones too because of major leakage problems. Boo! We are using the Playtex 'Lil Gripper Spout Cups (with a hard spout) and we love them! No leaks and our kiddos have done great with them. Hope you find one that works for you soon!!

  5. My SIL bought the twins these sippy cups (from Whole Foods, I think) that had nipple- like tops and they liked those in the beginning. Hang in there...before you know it, they'll be like our babies--refusing a sippy cup because they want a regular cup. As a matter of fact, the daycare doesn't give them a sippy anymore...only cups!

    Can't wait to hear how the potty training goes. We have put the chairs out and the babies are practicing sitting on them. That counts as a start, right??

  6. We used these and didn't have an problems...we did replace the spouts (they're on the inside) between girls because they were pretty worn...

    then these...

    then moved on to these...

    Dori used them more than Ginny...I think it was Ginny saw her using a real cup and wanted it more...fine with me! :)

    potty training...give the girls time...they'll do it when they're ready no matter how much you push and they're still my opinion... :)

  7. Ahem! Okay, I'm about to confess something slightly embarassing. My girls (they will be two next month) still get a bottle at night.

    I know---terrible.

    Here's why though. They would be completely fine with a sippy, or whatever as long as they got their milk. BUT---we read to them from this story Bible every night, and I know that with the bottles, we can get through exactly one story before they finish their milk. So---we haven't gotten rid of the bottles, for that reason. I think they'd probably be fine sitting and finishing the story after they finish their milk. It's just part of our routine, so we've kept with it.

    There you have it. My Monday AM confessions. :)

  8. Woohoo! Congrats on getting off the bottle. SO nice to not have to clean them! LOL. We went cold turkey too and I don't remember Casey ever missing them. We kind of skipped the sippy cups because of the leakage. We use straw cups. I forget who makes them, but they're from Target and he can't pull the straws out. :)

  9. My girls love the Tommee Tippee cups. They use the ones with the straws now, but have used some of the other spouts too. The only leaks i have encountered were when the girls threw them and knocked the inner parts loose, or when you wash them and water gets caught in the top(they aren't really leaking they just appear to be:). They take milk in the morning and at afternoon snack and water the rest of the day. Good luck!

  10. So glad it's going well! Cold turkey is my favorite method as well! We never had a problem with those Nuby cups - strange! We now use Contigo kids cups (bought them on amazon) and they're great for 2+ years!

  11. We use the playtex cups (all of them but I like the insulated ones for milk) and have not had any leaks. We went cold-turkey on the bottles too. Right after the girls' first birthday. It was what our ped. recommended and it worked so well. They were made for maybe 48 hours and then got over it. At night, we would let them drink a cup of milk right before bed but that went away after a while. Now they just eat their dinner (with milk) around 6:00 and go to bed at 8:00 with nothing. Just like big girls!

    I can't wait to hear about the potty-training. I have to say, I think its too soon. BUT its your call and I totally understand why you wouldn't want to have 3 in diapers!

  12. Sounds exactly like our story when we went from bottles to sippy cups! We spent SO much money on SO many different kinds. At first, they only wanted the leaky nubby ones(since they have the soft top), but after a few weeks we were able to transition to the platex sippy cups and we love them! They never leak and are easy to clean and put back together! And, we can buy different kinds (they have a bunch) and all the tops are interchangable!


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