Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, January 19, 2012

15 month update, and week's worth of updates (and pictures)!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week...we've been busy!
Here's what we have been up to:
This past weekend Gramz came down and spent the weekend with us. We played A LOT, ate a lot, and slept a lot. It was pretty awesome!

On Monday we had our 15 month check up at our pediatrician's office. We got two shots this time, will get one at 18 months, and then we will be done for quite a while - whew! Si didn't come with to the visit, and he is NEVER getting out of going again! It sucks to have to be the one to hold down both screaming girls while they are getting shots! What crap! He is never not going again- PERIOD!
Other than the shots, the appointment went well. The girls are growing like little weeds! Here are their stats:
Miss Olivia - AKA Baby A
Height - 32 inches - 92nd percentile
Weight - 26 lbs 13 oz - 93rd percentile

Miss Brianna - AKA Baby B
Height - 32.5 inches - 95th percentile
Weight - 27 lbs 2 oz - 95th percentile

Both girls seem to be on target developmentally; however, due to my apparent negligence, they did not meet two of their developmental milestones. 1 - they can not color scribbles (they only want to eat the crayons...they have NO interest in coloring), and 2 - they can not build blocks on top of each other. (This is probably mostly my fault as I didn't even break out the blocks until after Christmas, and they weren't really interested in building with them - they only wanted to tear my creations down!)

Anyhow, we have since reversed both (negative) findings...the girls can color in scribbles if you force them to encourage them to do so and sit practically on top of them so they can't move or focus on anything else, and Livvy has a new found desire to stack two legos on top of each other. Looky there. We have now met all our milestones!
And just as a sidenote; why don't they give you the list of developmental milestones they want you to hit by your next pediatrician visit before you leave your current visit?? You know, so you KNOW what to work on with your children... or am I just an awful momma who should be scouring some source on the internet for these milestones so I can make sure that my girls actually reach them? Did you all know the milestones your kiddos were supposed to meet by each timepoint? Am I really a slacker momma?! (It's okay if the answer is yes, I just need to know that!)

Anywho...moving on....what else happened in the last week or so?
The girls finally got their new car seats...we decided on the Britax Boulevard 70 CS in Cowmooflague =). Good thing, because we had officially outgrown our old ones as of Monday - 32" and 35 lbs was the max on our snugride 35's!

The Christmas tree came down, and in its place went our little reading cocoon chairs (which we LOVE!). We are obsesesd with reading! I love that they love it so much!!!

We had a playdate with our local MoM's group at PE 101 on Tuesday. That was AWESOME! I don't know if that is a local chain or a national chain, but I have to tell you, this place rocked! It had a large foam pit (think big ball pit, except large foam blocks instead), a big trampoline built into the floor, big balls, hula hoops, a big open dance floor, a zip line, mats to tumble on, all kinds of stuff!! I wish I could post pictures, but I only took them on my phone and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get pics from my phone onto my blog. You will just have to imagine the awesomeness =). The girls haven't played that hard EVER. Their favorite thing by far was the foam pit, although Bri loved having so much space to run wild. They kept jumping into the foam pit and getting back out and jumping back in again, and just giggling! It was a perfect playdate! We will definitely be going back!

So that's what we have been up to over the last week. Have you guys been this busy too?! Sheesh!

Until next time -


  1. They sound like they're doing so wonderfully! Don't beat yourself up over the milestones. Scribbling actually sounds really hard for 15 month olds!

    I know what you mean about the husband getting out of the doctor visits... after our last one (which was a disaster) I told me husband he is coming to all of them from now on!

    Those cocoon chairs are adorable.

  2. Looks like I need to get to work on building and scribbling!! We turn 12 months Sunday and have an appointment next week. Thanks to your advice, I'll ask what they should be doing for their next appointment!

  3. Cute sound busy... I just want to say as a Mom with chilren ages 15-3... never mind the milestones too much..they'll get there when they get there... some of those milestones are ridiculous... recently I discovered that my daughter by now should hop on one foot.. well can't say I've ever seen it or tried it..but I asked her too whilst she stared at me; taking in my request like I was a crazy person... but she can do it.. lol.. You're a good mom... just keep on truckin! :)

  4. Can I just tell you, I don't care about the milestones AT ALL. My children are clearly advanced ;) and its not their fault if I haven't been working on a checklist of accomplishments for them. Oh! What's that? They have YEARS of checklists ahead of them? Yes, they do. So I'm not going to start now. I just always say they can do everything.

  5. They look so much like big girls in those new carseats, don't they?!

  6. I don't put much weight on the milestones either. Adam hits most of them right on target and a few early and a few late. No biggie. His ped's office does have forms online that tell me what milestones they are looking for. So I usually check those out. For example, at his 15 month appointment I also scanned the form for the 18th month one... But - eh - not really concerned about it!

    Love the car seats. They are going to look soooo good in your car! :-) Very stylish!

    Yay for PE 101. I bet they love getting out and about and just seeing new sights and people! I know Adam loves that. Sometimes I wish I had a foam block pit to play in!

    Shots suck.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I will still be around- just not blogging anymore. BTW- we have the same carseats (different patterns though) and we have been so happy with them so far! Still going strong rear-facing!

  8. I have never seen carseats pattern-ed like that here!



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