Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, July 4, 2011

Leaps and Bounds!

It's absolutely amazing to me how much babies can change in just a short period of time. AMAZING.

Case in point: today.

It's like someone flipped a light switch in the girls developmental process! Last night, the girls were the same as they had been for a week before - no real obvious progress in mobility, vocabulary, etc.. If you put them down eventually they would roll across the floor, but they didn't really have any desire to crawl to get anywhere, and weren't really determined to learn, even with intense coaxing. But today?

Well screw crawling! Today Brianna and Olivia both have learned to stand while holding on to furniture or other items - not Mommy and Daddy. They just stand there (and bounce, or try and take steps). It's crazy. They couldn't do that yesterday, and they had no desire to do that yesterday. Brianna even took a step on her own, not holding on to anything! I know, it's only one step, but they can't even crawl yet!

Miss Bri - looking at me like "what mom?" - like she's been doing this for years or something!

Not the greatest picture of Livvy, but we didn't take that many and this one was the best out of what we got!

Geez, I think they are going to skip crawling all together. And now can you guess what the problem is? Now that they have this new found standing skill they do not want to sit AT ALL! Which means momma doesn't get to sit at all either =). Of course their legs aren't strong enough yet for them to stand more than a couple of minutes at a time so our day today has been filled by; the girls standing up (Bri makes it longer than Liv). Then they fall down. Cue crying. Then cue whining until someone picks them up and holds them or stands them back up. Repeat 2 minutes later. Talk about getting NOTHING accomplished today without a baby in hand! LOL. Occasionally they will decide that it is okay not to be standing, only so that they can roll all over the room and play in the dog's water bowl. OMG! They weren't doing this yesterday!!! How did they learn this overnight?!

Oh, AND, today they learned how to say mom! Bri says "mom" and "mama" (she said mom randomly at Zios on Wednesday), and she knows exactly what she is saying! She looks right at me and says mom! Or yells MAMA!! at me when I leave the room. Again, this just started TODAY. What the heck!? I love it!

And signing - that's right! The girls can now tell me (this started last night) that they are "all done" in sign language when they are done with their food and bottles. SWEET. Communication! They get SO excited when they do it, and honestly, so do I! =). And kisses! I almost forgot - I am getting open mouth slobbery kisses! So sweet!

Let's see. . .other changes. . .they are drinking less breast milk than they were just 2 weeks ago =(, and they are LOVING their solid foods. Everything is still pureed, but we are working on getting them used to lumpy food. It's definitely a work in progress though. I tried mashed mac and cheese with the girls last week and Bri choked on it. A bit scary, but she was fine. Maybe just not ready for stuff with lumps yet. She wants to inhale her food, not chew it. Not really sure how to correct it but I'm sure she will catch on eventually.

I have made a very conscious effort this long weekend to breastfeed the girls. I know that very soon they will have zero desire to eat from me, and I cherish that special time with them. They were ROCKSTARS! Saturday was a bit rough, but yesterday and today were great! Yay for less pumping! I had nearly forgotten how awesome breastfeeding was since I was only doing it on the weekends pretty much when I had time. But it is STELLAR. So way better than the pump. Ah, glad I took the time this weekend to work with the girls on it.

Oh, and Livvy got her first tooth FINALLY! Poor peanut has been teething for months without anything to show for it, but last Sunday (the last weekend in June) her first tooth finally broke through on the bottom. That brings the tally up to Bri - 2, Liv - 1. Bri is working on her first tooth on top now - it hasn't broken through yet, but it's close! And we are pretty sure that Livvy's #2 tooth will be coming in pretty soon, she is chewing like a crazy woman.

Wow, so lots of progress today in the baby department! If it's a while before you hear from me again it's because I will be chasing two little peanuts CONSTANTLY all over the house =). I know you guys feel my pain already!

Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

Until next time -


  1. I love when they make those leaps! Well, love/hate it. I don't want my babies to grow too fast! We are on the "MAMA!" train too! Which my husband uses to "prove" to me that the girls need me and not him. BTW- I LOVE seeing pictures of your house because it looks like mine. Little girl stuff everywhere! Love it.

  2. It's amazing how quickly things change and progress...I have often wanted to have time stand still but it is so exciting when new things happen!! :)

    What cuties!!

  3. I'm so pumped to read this. I feel like I'm watching all this progress real life. Exciting isn't it? Doesn't "mama" just make you get up and do stuff you were thinking of not doing for them (like say fetch a paci?)

  4. I'm so pumped to read this. I feel like I'm watching all this progress real life. Exciting isn't it? Doesn't "mama" just make you get up and do stuff you were thinking of not doing for them (like say fetch a paci?)

  5. Awww! You're so dedicated to them! I love it!

    I have to wear Adam a lot during the day to get ANYTHING accomplished. Plus that whole separation anxiety sets in. So, if I want to wash bottles, laundry, floors, WHATEVER - Into the moby he goes! Maybe you could wear one on the front and one on the back?? =)

    Can't wait to see them!

  6. They look so cute in those big flowers!


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