Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby proofing? It's about time slackers!

Sure, we moved the doggie water bowls out of the girls play area and took the fireplace poker tools downstairs several weeks ago, but other than that, I will be the first one to say that we've been a bit slow to "baby proof" the house. We bought all of the outlet covers and cupboard hooks and doorknob covers and any other plastic contraption that looked like it could be useful for keeping babies out of where they aren't supposed to be about a month ago. . .but we haven't put a single one of them to use yet.

Originally (when we bought the baby proofing schmorgasborg) I thought that Brianna cruising the furniture and walking around getting into stuff was imminent, with Livvy soon to follow. But that was nearly a month ago, and so far that hasn't really happened. In fact, I am quite pleased with how slow their progression has been! They are now back to trying to crawl, and they really don't have much desire to walk at this exact point.

And you know what?

Not really crawling or walking is a-okay with me! I realize just how easy we have it with two babies that roll all over the place instead of crawl or walk. Just yesterday Miss Sheila and her little man AJ were over, and let me tell you, AJ is a man on a mission! He is 6 weeks older than the girls and he is an expert crawler - man is he fast! I am enjoying every minute of not having to chase two of those down! LOL!

So anyway, our childproofing has been a slow and steady "learn as you go" type of process. And what did we "learn" last night? We learned that with Miss Brianna (who is oh so anxious to pull herself up on anything and everything she can) that if you leave a glass of lemonade on the storage ottomans in the living room, she will decide that it is obviously for her, and she will proceed to try and drink it. With the following outcome. . .

SO, drenched, sticky Brianna, lemonade all over the ottoman and carpet serves as our official warning that no liquids without a secure lid are to be allowed in the living room anymore. Lesson learned. =)

What else have we learned? Well, Brianna was sitting straight up in her pack and play this morning when I woke up. Yes, judge me now if you must. Brianna is still in the bassinet portion of her pack and play, upstairs with Si and I, about 2 feet from my side of the bed. When she woke up this morning at 6, she promptly sat up in her pack and play, which, for those of you unfamiliar with pack and plays is a major problem because if the bassinet portion is only about a foot from the top of the actual pack and play. Meaning that if she wanted to actually stand up, she could easily propel herself over the edge of the pack and play and land sqaurely 3.5 feet down on the floor.


So, on the agenda for tonight? All of the crib mattresses are being lowered and the bassinet is being taken out of the pack and play. Boo. Brianna is not going to be happy with this. Hopefully Livvy won't mind. And, since we will be dropping the mattresses down, I will also be attempting to move Brianna down to the nursery at night with her sister. Sigh. It's been a long time coming. But, the girls are 9.5 months old. It's about time Brianna doesn't sleep next to our bed. Si and I would love to have our bedroom back =).

Oh, and before I forget. The girls just had their 9 month pictures taken yesterday, and while we were at the session our fabulous photographer, Tina Gunn, gave me the disc with the pictures from our 6 month session to post. YAY! Tina does an AWESOME job with the girls (and with our boys too - she can do amazing things with animals!), so if you are in the Omaha area and are looking for a photographer, Tina is totally your woman!
Here are a couple of pictures from our 6 month shoot! LOVE THEM!

The girls together, standing

Livvy, so cute in the chair

Bri, perfectly posed in the chair - so sweet!

And us as a family! We weren't really dressed for a family pic, but I never turn it down if the photographer asks, that's for sure!!

And a special thank you to Miss Whitney, our fabulous nanny extraordinaire, for tagging along to the photo shoot and helping with the girlies. It is absolutely insane how much work it is to get through a photo shoot with 3 outfit, prop, and background changes with two little girlies! Then getting them to actually smile for the camera after all of the crazy chaos - wowza! It's exhausting! Thanks so much for your help Miss Whit!! You are a Godsend!

Okay, I think that is a long enough post for today!
Until next time -


  1. Hilarious! Love it! Adam sure does keep us on our toes! It was quick too. One day rolling. Then army crawling then man on a mission! Fast!

  2. I laughed as I read this post because I remember those first days of Extreme Make-over Home: Demolition edition! Just when we think we have found everything, they find something else!

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. That so doesn't surprise me about Bri! Haha!

    I'm amazed at Bri's amazing ability to roll to wherever she wants. I can't believe they are already this big, those first months sure do fly by fast!


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