Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9 months old!

The girlies are 9 months old today, and they are BUSY little beavers. Maybe movers and shakers would be a better way to describe them - if they aren't being held they absolutely have to be moving at all times. They continue to have no desire to crawl; if they want to get around they will either roll where they want to go or will want to stand up and want to try to walk to get to what they want. They don't really get the concept of walking forward, but they definitely have the concept of standing up and balancing. I think we need a walker! Wait. . .wouldn't that encourage them to walk all that more quickly?! Maybe I don't want that - LOL.

They need to stay sitting without moving for just a little while longer, don't they?! I put them down like this and I have exactly 5 seconds to snap a picture before they roll away!

Teeth! We are getting more teeth every day! Livvy now has two bottom teeth and we think she is getting two top teeth in right now as well - OUCH. Bri has two bottom teeth (and has for several weeks), and is working on getting one top tooth. It totally cracks me up how one baby starts off ahead then the other baby surpasses her later down the line. This has happened with just about every new skill or development the girls have met so far - crazy babies =).

Right now we are eating three solid food meals a day, and drinking 3-4 bottles a day (5 oz bottles during the day, 8 oz bottle right before bed). They LOVE solid food. This week I left their food more on the chunky side instead of fully pureeing it, and the girls have done GREAT! I'm hoping that sometime soon we will be able to try the puffs again. Last time we tried the girls didn't have the concept of chewing down at all and I didn't want them to choke on them, so I took them away. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, right?

(The girls love laying on their backs like this and playing with their feet. It's about the only time they sit still!)

In other news, I turned 30 on Monday. AHHH! 30. Wow. Si, along with some serious help from Miss Sheila and Miss Lisa, threw me an AWESOME surprise party at Dave and Busters on Saturday with 30 of my closest friends! I didn't even know I had 30 friends! LOL. I'm kidding. You just never know how many people will actually show up for something like that and the turnout was great! I was so surprised! I was actually chastising Si for bringing me to Dave and Busters (as just us) for my birthday. . .I was wearing heels, I felt over dressed. . .=). It was perfect though. I walked in to see Miss Sheila and a pile of other people, a huge table, balloons, an awesome cake my sister in law Bridget made, ah, it was simply perfect! Miss Sheila brought flip flops so once we ate I was able to take off my heels and play in comfort!! Thanks to everyone who came and who had a part in the planning! I had a GREAT time!

I took Monday off and stayed home with the girlies for my birthday. I still had the nanny (Miss Whitney) come, and we had a great day! We went out to lunch, then Miss Jess came over and we brought the girls to the pool for the first time this summer. They had a blast! I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any pictures of us in the pool (bummer), but I definitely think that once every couple of weeks we should go to the pool in the afternoon. The girls had a great time and mommy got a little bit of a tan - SCORE!!!

Okay, that's all I have for now! I'm wondering how soon I should start planning the girls 1st birthday party. I mean, they are 9 months old already, doesn't a bunch of planning go into the first birthday party? I better get cracking! =)

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  1. The party planning is half the fun mama. It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it? One day you're driving home very carefully from the hospital with new babies and before you know it you have little people living in your house and eating your food. :) Great update. We're 8 months in 2 days time

  2. Can you believe how fast 9 months went by.... They grow up way to fast! Good luck with your party planning! Sweet pictures of your babies! Gorgeous baby girls!

  3. I missed your posts! LOL

    9 sure does fly by doesn't it? have you checked out My Twintopias post Re: 1st Birthday Party? She's got a great starter list going!

    The girls are such cuties!

    Happy Friday!


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