Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm being bitten - OUCH!

Okay moms, help me out here. HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP????

I get why it's happening. The girls are teething and it hurts. During the day while I am at work they are getting breastmilk bottles instead of straight from the tap. They can chew on the bottle nipples and the bottle nipples don't get mad or jump or cry at them. . .so why does mommy?

Seriously, it HURTS. And I've tried to pull them back in towards me - even though that is totally counterintuitive. That's what I did when they were newborns and would bite me. And it worked. They stopped. But now? It hurts SO badly when they do it, I can't help but yelp and pull them away from me. And what do I have to show for it? Blood blisters actually around my nipples. . .yeah, not pretty.

So what can I do? My mom suggested putting my finger in their mouth when they bite me while they are eating as that will break the suction and at the same time let them know that they did something wrong. And I get that. But nowadays they are breaking latch every 15 seconds because they are too busy looking around, trying to grab my hair, my nose, my shirt, their blanket, whatever is even remotely close. So it isn't like they are totally honed in on feeding anyway. And maybe that's a good point to make. I don't get bitten in the middle of the night, and I usually don't get bitten first thing in the morning or right before bed. . .when they seem to be 100% focused on eating. Maybe them being focused has something to do with it?

Last night after Liv bit me I just started crying. . .I'm not ready to stop breastfeeding, but if this is going to be how it is, I will have to stop. I would still pump and feed them that of course, but that isn't the same thing. I want the closeness and the special time with my girls that I have now (or had I guess). I'm not ready to give that up! HELP! What has worked for you guys? Any ideas?


  1. Well, no advice here but just wanted to offer some support. Hang in there. And I know what you mean about the wild and crazy feedings- trying to feed twins feels like feeding time at the zoo. My theory is that they have just discovered they have a new trick and so they are ready to use it whenever they have the chance. Don't give up. I wish I'd been able to breastfeed my girls. And even if you do give up- almost 6 months of breastfeeding twins is no small accomplishment. Good job mom!

  2. Remember when I called you crying because I had hit (what I thought) was rock bottom with nursing? I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was exhausted in a way I never thought I could be exhausted. I was heart broken and so let down. And the thought of continuing to nurse seemed fruitless and overwhelming? I was pretty sure after I lamented to you that you were going to tell me, "Its ok. You gave it your best shot. Its ok if you stop." BUT you didn't. You said, Hang in there 3 more weeks. You told me I could do it. You gave me some advice on how to do it. I hung up feeling a bit more empowered and stuck it out.

    This will pass. Lots of moms have been here where you are. And many of them choose to ween at this time. Hang in there a bit longer. Give yourself a bit of time to heal and then teach those babies how to nurse while teething. You can do it. There isn't one cure for it - but there's lots of things to try while you figure it out.

    This too shall pass! (And in a blink when you look back at it!)


  3. Yeah, I second the "hang in there" comments. It will pass!!!! Claire was a biter too. And, an acrobat-style nurser. She used to move around, break latch, wiggle, she would practically nurse hanging upside down off my shoulders sometimes - at least it seemed that way... And I thought she was trying to bite my nipples off! (As well as my arms for some reason she was really into biting).

    I know you are busy enough as it is, but maybe (and you could already be doing this) you could nurse them alone in a quiet room with no distractions more often? Do you use a nursing cover when you're out? Perhaps you could use it at home too. I know it might seem funny, but it might keep them more focused when there's other stuff going on in the room around them?... L & O are getting to be pretty fidgety nursers too but we (surprisingly) don't seem to have any teething going on just yet.

    It will pass, really, really it will.

  4. It can be so difficult! One thing you can do is keep your finger right there, ready to break the suction. Then look the baby in the eye and say very seriously, "No biting." If (when!) they do it again, you break the suction again, look them in the eye, and say "No biting! It hurts Mama," and then put them down and walk away. It really does work, at least in my experience. It is frustrating to be stopping and starting, but when I've had to do this it didn't take that long for them to catch on. Babies are pretty smart.

    With teething, you can give a teething remedy- I like that Boiron chamomilia-- before they nurse or a frozen washcloth to chew on to help numb the gums. I've also heard of some moms making "boobsicles" by putting a frozen breastmilk cube in a mesh feeder for them to gnaw on.

    One thing I know you don't want to do is yell or make a big deal out of it. I've found either the baby thinks it's funny, or it freaks them out and you have a nursing strike on your hands.

    Anyway, that's my experience from nursing 4 kids. I have 2 4-month-old twins now, and the boy has been chomping down lately. I suspect we're heading in the same direction! Good luck. I hope it's a short lived phase. I think it's awesome that you're breastfeeding!

    Found you through the M&M blog hop.


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