Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We survived Orlando!

I am happy to report that we have returned from our 5 day stent in Orlando, and we all survived in one piece! On the plane rides down I seriously was expecting the worst. Si was on a direct flight with Frontier, and I was on American with a layover in Dallas. The Frontier flight was full so Si did have to hold Miss Olivia all the way down to Orlando, but he said she was a champ and didn't make a peep! She fussed just a little while they were on the tarmack, but he gave her some tylenol and had no other issues. Go Olivia!

My first flight was only an hour and a half, and it wasn't full, so AA let me bring Brianna's car seat on the plane with me. Strapping her in was a breeze, and she slept the whole way to Dallas. Not a peep! Not one!! Our trip from Dallas to Orlando wasn't quite as peachy. The flight was full. . .the seats were TINY, and the second we sat down Brianna started fussing. I had a young teenage boy in the middle seat beside me, and while he was very nice, it made me feel bad for breastfeeding. Bri is at the age where she has no desire to be covered, and if you do cover her (to cover yourself) she makes it her mission in life to get the blankets off. SO, I only nursed her on one side. I didn't want to give him a boob shot and make him feel any more uncomfortable than I am sure he already was. Once I got Bri on the breast she was way better, except that once she started eating she decided to poop, and of course it was a blow out poop. Awesome. Once I changed her she slept for about 45 minutes (out of the 2.5 hour flight), and the rest of the time was spent playing. We had a very sweet older lady caddy corner from us and she was great at distracting Brianna as well as keeping her entertained with pictures from magazines and clanking two pop cans together. That was incredibly helpful! She has a grandson who is 4 months old, so she was used to entertaining him and knew exactly what to do. AWESOME.

In the end, when we got off the flight I got about 7 comments from other passengers commenting on how great Brianna was on the plane. I personally didn't think she did all that well, but maybe that was just me being paranoid and thinking that every sound she made was as loud as a scream and was upsetting the other passengers - lol. Apparently that wasn't the case!

The flight home was uneventful for both parties. Both girls did well. Frontier only let us bring one of the two car seats on the flight even though there were TONS of extra seats, so that was frustrating, but I nursed Bri (and had no one sitting beside me on the flight), and she slept for a good 2+ out of the 3.5 hour flight. YAY!

SO, how was Orlando? It was good! The girls LOVED the warm weather and not having to wear socks =). They hated the car though (we got a Ford Fusion instead of an identical Acadia to what we have at home - the Acadia's were $80 a day!). Every time we put them in the car they cried. At home putting them in the car puts them to sleep, so this was a bit of a surprise to us! The girls didn't nap well overall the whole time we were there. There were so many new things that they hadn't seen before and they wanted to take everything in!

One thing I noted about Orlando that wasn't so nice - the rudeness of people down there! Seriously! I am sure this statement is an overgeneralization, but at least 75% of the people we ran into were seriously rude to us. And these were people in the service industry! The people at the hotels were rude (except a select 1 or 2), the people at restaurants were rude (with the exception of the people at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant on Disney property), and the random sightseers were pretty rude too! I can't tell you how many times Si would go to open the door for me to drive the stroller in and people would cut right in front of me. It was definitely irritating. Or, people not waiting for us to get off the elevator before they got on. Seriously parents, teach your kids some manners!! Sigh, maybe next time will be better! Or maybe I just need to grow some thicker skin! LOL.

We went to Downtown Disney several times, and the girls loved it! Here are a couple of pictures =)
Here's Brianna posing with her Minnie ears on. . .

Here are several pictures of us at Downtown Disney - one in front of the fountain

One in front of the water front

Here's a picture of Si by "Jenny" - the real Jenny - the shrimping boat from Forest Gump =)

And here's a picture of me and the girls standing by a giant Mickey Mouse =)

We also went to the premium outlets, and mommy scored a new Coach diaper bag, Coach shoes, and D&B handbag. Daddy got a new pair of shoes and some socks. Equal? I think so! =)

When we got back to the hotel we all got into our swimsuits and got in the pool. The girls hated the kiddy pool, but LOVED the big pool. They didn't want to get out! Here are their pics in the kiddy pool for the first time with mommy and daddy. The kiddy pool was cold and the big pool was heated - I'm guessing that is why they disliked the kiddy pool =)
Here's Daddy with Olivia in the kiddy pool

And Mommy with Brianna in the kiddy pool

What else is going on? Well, we broke the habit of Bri sleeping in the swing at night while we were down in Florida - YAY! She is now sleeping in her boppy (I know, I know, they aren't supposed to sleep in them - but we are just transitioning her to her pack and play). So, we are working on using the swings less! YAY! We will also be starting first foods this weekend - sweet potatoes first. We will make sure to record it as I expect it will be pretty comical!

Oh, and Olivia is relatively mobile! She will lay on her back on the floor (or bed, or wherever you put her), and she will arch her back and push with her feet, and move herself across the floor! Crazy kid!!!

And we are still growing like weeds - we are outgrowing our 6 month outfits!! Where is the time going?! Oh well. I hear a couple of peanuts starting to wake up from their naps, so I have to go. We are going to the zoo today with Miss Sheila and Mr. Adam. We must go get ready!! More pics to come soon!!

Until next time. . .

PS - Congrats Scott and Natalie on the birth of Miss Emilia yesterday! You have such a beautiful family, and we couldn't be more happy for you!!!


  1. I'm so glad they did well on the flights...I am scared of flying with our 3 in June...they will be 8 1/2 months but I know how much I hate sitting next to crying kids! I have a Coach diaper bag too and LOVE it! Glad you had a good time, sorry the people were so rude! I know what you mean about manners. I teach 7th grade and I want to smack half of them they have no manners at all...holding doors open, pushing in chairs etc.

  2. So glad things went well! What a great place to go, too! Love the pics ;)

  3. Wow Momma! You look fab!

    I had a blast at the zoo! I loved hearing about your trip! We should plan a Hollibaugh/Dokulil Destination Vacay sometime!

  4. Meghan - are you guys buying them their own seats or holding two of them? They will be incredibly squirmy at 8.5 months, so if you can afford it
    I would definitely recommend their own seats. And toys they can play with that they've never seen before. And even. . . portable dvd players. Man, you will do whatever you have to to keep a baby from screaming! You'll do great, I know you will!
    Thanks Kristi!
    Sheila - HA! Thanks! I didn't post the swimsuit pics where I looked like an elephant for exactly that reason!! We had a great time at the zoo too! I need to update the blog again and get the pictures posted=).


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