Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 29 OB visit w/ u/s pics, and partner in crime pics!

Hello, and happy Wednesday! For those of you that haven't heard already, I failed my 3 hour glucose challenge test last Friday. Boo! My baseline fasting levels for both glucose tests were fine, but once I got the glucose drink in my system my body just couldn't metabolize it quickly enough! Here were my stats:

My 1 hour level was 195 - it should have been <180
My 2 hour level was 194 - it should have been <155
My 3 hour level was 160 - it should have been <140

So today I met with the dietitian and diabetic nurse case manager. I learned what they wanted me to eat and when, and was provided with my lovely purple glucometer (YAY purple!). I have to take my blood sugar 5x a day though! Sheesh!!
Apparently pregnant women have the hardest time regulating their blood sugar first thing in the morning, so that's when I have to pay the closest attention to my diet. I probably can't have cereal or waffles for breakfast anymore (too many carbs) and if I want to do oatmeal it has to be plain unsweetened. Yuck! So breakfast will be fun. . .after that though, I pretty much eat as normal. I started the diet today and so far haven't had to change much of anything (just less milk), and my levels have been just fine. So, we shall see!!

So, on to our OB visit today (29 weeks 2 days). It went very well! The girls are doing great! There is more separation between the weights on each of the girls, but otherwise they are still doing GREAT for twins! Here are the stats:
Baby Olivia - AKA - Baby A - 3 lbs 2 oz - in the 55th percentile for a singelton=)
Baby Brianna - AKA - Baby B - 3 lbs 9 oz - A CHUNKER! In the 71st percentile for a singelton=)

Cervix is still measuring great at 4.17 cm. Woo hoo! These babies aren't going anywhere anytime soon! Oh, and I get to keep working in the office until 32 weeks, but then my OB wants me to go to "working from home" status (if work will let me do that - I sure hope so!).

Here are some pics of the girls from the ultrasound today - they actually kind of participated with the ultrasound! Woo hoo!
Here is a pic of Baby Olivia looking right at the u/s machine - it looks like you can see her eyes and everything! SO cool! (Look at the upper right quarter of the ultrasound picture)

Here's a 3D/4D Pic of Olivia - it looks a little strange, but if you look closely you can make out her nose and chin and little lips! Amazing!

And here's a pic of Baby Brianna in 3D/4D. Can you make out her features? Here little nose and lips and eyes and chin? Yay for 3D/4D pics where you can actually see something! Woo hoo!

And last but certainly not least, here are pics of me and my pregnancy buddy/partner in crime Sheila from earlier this week! I love it! Sheila is 38 weeks (with a little man) and I am 29 weeks (with two little ladies). This will probably be the last picture we have together as preggo chics, but then there will be lots of pics of us with our little ones instead! Can't wait!

Here we are - sexy mommas!!!

Hehe - we are goofy I know =)

We even dressed alike for the pics - and not on purpose!

Have a great week everyone!! Hope you all are doing well!


  1. OMG. We are so hot!

    I'll be joining you on that diet soon chica! Get some good ideas for me! :-)

  2. Aww! Too bad about the 3 hour test but glad to know things are going well in general. I just caught the girls' names and had a chuckle - our baby A is going to be Olivia also! Great minds! ;) The u/s pics are so cool and those preggo pics of you and your partner in crime are adorable!!!


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