Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

27 week belly pics

Hi All!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!! It's been CRAZY hot here in Nebraska, so I have made it my mission to stay cool. Hopefully you are doing the same! Staying cool to me would usually mean chilling out in the "cool pool" in the back yard (a 10' round 3' deep pool we bought at the beginning of the summer - BEST $50 we ever spent), but yesterday the pool had a bit of a green tint to it, so we had to shock it. I haven't really been in it at all this week. It still has a bit of a green tint when I checked today. Major bummer! The green just creeps me out. But I really want to get in the pool, float around, and be "weightless" for just a little while! Maybe tomorrow. . .

Otherwise same old same old here. Having lots of BH contractions this week. Maybe the heat? I'm not sure. I'm making sure to drink lots of fluids. I'll talk to the OB about it when I go in on Friday for my pile of tests, ultrasound, and shot. Hopefully I'll get some awesome 3D pics of the girls from him that I can post too. That would be awesome!! Fingers crossed the girls cooperate!

Oh, and for those of you currently pregnant with or who have had twins before, I have a question for you. When did you stop working or even cut down on your work hours? I read in the "When you're expecting" (twins, trips, or quads) book that it's recommended to stop working at/by 28 weeks, but that's in a couple of days, so that sure as heck isn't going to happen in my case! When I last saw him, my OB said I would probably be fine to work until 30 weeks, maybe 32 weeks, but he would be able to give me more guidance after my next visit (Friday). I just want to start prepping my work if I need to so I can go to half days or work from home or stop working all together. It is getting harder each day to get up and walk around (hello pelvic pain!). Anyway, I digress. . .I said I was going to post pics!

Okay so here are my week 27 belly pics:
Si says that black makes me look smaller, so I show you this pic, then the next I pull up my black shirt and show you my white tank top instead. ..

Do I look bigger in all white? I can't really tell...

Bare belly - shield your eyes!! And what's this - the beginning of stretch marks on my hips? AHHHH!!! LOL - it was bound to happen. . .Si made sure to point them out to me today when he was taking the pictures. Thanks hun. . .

And I intended to post pictures of my fabulous baby shower that my sister in law Bridget and one of my bestest friends Lisa threw for me and the babies, but I for the life of me can't figure out how to download the pictures! I had this whole post written up and I thought I had the pictures downloaded and inserted into the blog, then when I went to preview my post - nothing, nada, none of the pics showed up! Grrr. . . so the shower pics will still have to wait. I'll post when I can!

Have a great rest of your week everyone! I will update again Friday after my OB appointment =). I can't wait to see how much the girls weigh now!


  1. Congrats on hitting 27 weeks! You look great! I am currently 32 weeks with g/g twins. I plan on working in the office until 34 weeks, and then I will work from home up until the babies arrive. I am extremely fortunate that my work is so accomodating. Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

  2. YAY for 27 weeks! I am getting little stretch marks on my hips too...ugggh. Oh well, we can call them battle wounds :)

  3. Well, my dear - you look beautiful! I love the black and white! I think I have those pants!

    I don't know if SI reads your blog or not - but if he does, this next part is for him: THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE THING TO COMMENT ON OR SAY TO YOUR PREGNANT WIFE IS "HONEY, YOU LOOK WONDERFUL." There is no commenting on stretch marks or size. Something like, "big as a barn" or whatever will inevitably get you kicked in the you know where by some pregnant chick... After all, that's YOUR daughters your wife is growing rounder for.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see the pics and hear about tomorrow!

  4. adorable!!! :) i'm not working at the moment but i wanted to say the difference in my energy level between 30 and 32 weeks was DRAMATIC. it seems like things were decent until about the 30 week mark and then every week since then i've been drained more and more. just an FYI after reading your post. if i had been working i'm sure i would have started to cut back around 30 but by this week (33) i couldn't imagine having to get into the office (not to mention the contractions have picked up). HTH!

  5. One question....Can you use those pants for a bra too? : ) xoxo


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