Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two Butterflies (ahem...Ladybugs) and a Bumblebee...

We are bugs for Halloween this year! Last year the girls were cupcakes and Hudson was a monkey and they all had a blast.  This year I figured the girls would want to be princesses or something "cool" like that with their tutu fascination, but they were more than THRILLED to be Butterflies (pretty sure they are ladybug costumes, but whatevs).  And Hudson rounds out the bug mix with a perfect bumblebee...complete with stinger on the tail end! LOL!

There are two trunk or treat events right down the street from our house, so we made sure to have plenty of candy and non-candy offerings at our house this year (usually we get all of 12-20 trick or treaters total).  If you stop by you will have your choice of candy, play dough, glow braclets, mini balls, or erasers.  It's been quite the challenge keeping the kids out of the Halloween bowl...they want it all and don't understand why we are giving it away to our!  They will figure it out once we start trick or treating...they were practicing what to say all night last night. =)

What are your kiddos for Halloween this year? 

Happy Halloween!



  1. Love the lady-butterflies ;) and overall insect theme. My girls were dressed as fire chiefs - the easiest no-brainer costume I could find

  2. Megan, I came across your blog after my decent diagnosis of mthfr. I was hoping to ask you some questions, as to what worked best for you, supplementing wise. I couldn't find an "email me" button. Could you email me?? Thanks!!


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