Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Look who's THREE!

Yep, you guessed it! We've survived yet another year of twin chaos and continue to feel incredibly blessed with the life we have been given.  Today Oliva and Brianna turned 3.  THREE!!! AHHH! They've learned their ABC's and 123's, have successfully potty trained, have gained a whole lot of spunk, love to dabble in creativity, and spend most of their time making sure mom and dad stay on their toes!

Let's go down memory lane for a moment, shall we?

Year 1 they spent hitting major milestones...first foods, first tooth(s), first steps.  We thought that we had the whole situation under control.  Yeah, right!

Year 2 they figured out how to walk, and walking turned into running.  Mom and dad spent most of this year figuring out how to take care of two MOBILE toddlers, and how to incorporate another little one into our already chaotic family dynamic.

Year 3 they have spent learning...learning how to love, learning how to share, learning how to care about not only one another, but for those around them. They grew flowers, tomatoes, and peppers in the garden. They drew lots and lots of pictures, and told their first stories. They learned how to be creative, they love reading books, and they starting asking the question "why" about absolutely everyone and everything =). They love to watch Caillou, Super Why, the Bee Movie, and Finding Nemo.  They think is amazing and want to play on it constantly.  They really are growing up!

We continue to show distinct differences as well, of course:

Olivia - Age 3
  • Can tell you one heck of a story! She will just start talking, and talk, and talk....
  • Loves to draw with chalk 
  • Has a relatively short attention span and likes to jump between multiple activities at once (hmm...a multitasker in training?)
  • Loves Mac and Cheese
  • Very caring....loves her little brother, and loves taking care of her "babies"

Brianna - Age 3
  • Walks to the beat of her own drum....doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her or what she is doing
  • Loves to color, paint, play with stickers, and do anything creative, and can sit for 45 minutes or more working on one activity.
  • Loves "chocolate cereal", yogurt, mac and cheese, and PB&J
  • Not a huge fan of her little brother....prefers to have her stuff, her way, and doesn't like to share with Mr. H =)
So that's the shout out for the day...Happy Birthday to our sweet girls! We love you more and more each day and feel so blessed that we have been given the opportunity to be your parents! Life wouldn't be the same without you!!!  Here's to another year =).

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  1. Happy birthday to Olivia & Brianna. I've been waiting for this post. Here's to the "happy threes" ;)


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