Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Pump It Up 3rd Birthday Party!

What could be more fun than twenty 2-4 year olds bouncing the morning away at Pump It Up on a Husker Football off week?  Um...nothing of course!

The girls had a blast with all of their friends and even sang Happy Birthday to themselves twice!

The girls had an absolute blast.  Not that you can tell in at that pouty face on Livvy!

Now, I do have a question to all of those mommas out there about birthday gifts if you'd be willing to share your process.....

Here's the deal.  We went to one of our triplets friends birthday parties a couple of  years ago, and the momma very specifically asked that people not bring presents.  She stated "your presence is the best present".  I couldn't agree more, and we've made that statement at each of the girl's parties since.  As such, we never talk about or open presents at the actual birthday event (although every time at least half of the attendees do bring gifts). I guess my question is, what should I do after the girls open their presents at home?  Should we be sending thank you notes to everyone who gave a gift? Is it uncouth to do nothing?  I've only sent thank you's once, and I feel like if this is the process we are following with gifts that we should be sending thank you's every time.  What is your process with gifts?  Do you open them at the party?  After?  Send thank yous?  Not?

Hope you all are have a great weekend!

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  1. A thank-you note is always in order if a gift has been received.

  2. Open them after the party. I say thank you when they're are handed over by the giver so no follow up "thank you" note from us. HOWEVER, it's always been with other Nigerians and we're a lot less formal about such things so...

  3. I open them after. And I hate thank you notes. I realize that they're the polite and appropriate thing to do but cut a mom some slack… I think an email thank you or text would be sufficient! When the girls can write themselves - then they can write their own thank you notes.

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