Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm a little addicted to Carters!

Warning! This ended up being a picture heavy post!!! Sorry! Look away if you can't stand to see pics of some cute babies! =)

The girls have been growing like CRAZY, and as such they have also been growing out of clothes so so quickly! Last week I started going through their closet and dresser and taking out all of the clothes that were the wrong size/or and the wrong season. Over 80% of their wardrobe was instantly eliminated! AHHH! We all know what that means then. . . I had to go shopping!

It was great timing really as many of the stores are having some stellar Memorial Day sales. Carters is no exception. I love Carters. For several reasons really. First, they have some totally cute stuff. Second, the girls can wear it everyday because it's comfy, versatile, and durable. Third, it's relatively inexpensive all things considered. So, it made sense to me that I would make my way to Carters this weekend. Miss Sheila and I went on Friday, then I went to the Carters outlet with my mom on Saturday morning. I bought SO much stuff! And I am really big right now into the girls matching. Like really big. I love it. I think my tiff with them not matching is that if they don't match then I at least want both outfits to be on the same level - equally as cute. That way one baby doesn't have a cuter outfit than the other. Is that silly of me? Anyway, getting two of each of the outfits solves that problem! The girls are always equally as cute that way =).

Here's a picture of most of the loot from my shopping Friday and Saturday. . .holy buckets right?|!

I have been busy washing and reorganizing the girl's room all weekend. Here's a question for all of you - we have SO much stuff! Clothes, swings, bumbo chairs, blankets, etc that we aren't using anymore. . . what the heck do you do with it all???? Store it? Sell it? How long do you wait to sell it? I mean we aren't 100% sure that we are done having kiddos. . .we would be absolutely fine if the girls were "it", but we have frosty embabies waiting for us at the RE, so there is always a possibility we could have more, and if we did, I really like the clothes that I have now. Should I keep them? There are a TON of clothes. . .I'm talking probably 7-8 big rubbermaid containers full, and that's just newborn to 6 months! We went a little crazy with the clothes. Now I'm running out of places to stash everything as the girls outgrow it! So, your input is welcome, as always =).

What else did we do this weekend? Well, we went to Sheila and Andy and Adam's house for a BBQ on Saturday night (great fun!), then we had a BBQ at our house Sunday at noon (great fun again!), then we celebrated Aunt Denise's birthday Sunday night by taking a night off cooking and enjoying some Olive Garden and some AWESOME lemon cake my sister in law made. YUM! The girls kept trying to stick their hands in the frosting, but I think we got a good pic of the girls with Aunt Denise and the cake before we tore into it. . .

We took advantage of the warm and humid Nebraska weather today to get the girls outside in shorts - the first time this season. I have had plants sitting on my patio for nearly a month now waiting to get planted, and I finally made time to get them in the ground. Of course since the girls were outside I took the opportunity to snap a couple of pics of them. . .enjoy!
Miss Olivia

Miss Brianna

The girls together. . .

The girls AND the boys sitting with Aunt Denise this afternoon =)

Okay, that's all for now! I didn't realize how much I had to say and how many pictures I had to post - Wow! So were your weekends just as busy as mine? What did you all do?

Until next time!


  1. Good for you! Glad to hear you also got your plants in the ground!

    I'm not departing with any of Adam's gear yet. Granted, I only have one kiddo... But I would like more, God willing. And in the event I have a girl or the seasons don't match up, etc... I'll do a garage sale. You have that huge basement to stash stuff in for a bit while you decide what to do! You could just open up a baby girl gear store down there one day! :-)

    We had fun too! So glad you could make the trek! I know first hand its a trek, believe me!!! But its very worth it to hang out with you and the girlies. Have a great week!

  2. So, we kept everything from the girls. I put it all in big rubbermaid containers marked with the season and size, that way its easier to find. Of course mine aren't wearing the same thing at the same time, but if you're not sure you're not done, don't get rid of it, esp if you have room to store it! :)

  3. We just stash all the girls' extra stuff. I'm planning on taking it to a MoM club sale eventually but like you, we have totsicles so we're not 100% sure we're done. I would say 90% sure...

    I LOVE Carters and we have some of the same outfits. I agree with the matching- its just easier. Its easier to just buy 2 of the same outfits. Its easier to just put the same two outfits on the babies. I'm glad I don't have b/g twins where I have to match their outfit cuteness levels. LOL

  4. Holy moly you bought a lot of clothes!!

    We are in a bit of a different situation because we know we are done having kids. I am starting to give things away and sell the bigger stuff on CL. The multiples club we belong too also has a sale 2x/year that we can sell stuff at so that's an option too.

  5. That is a ton of clothes... but I do the same thing. When your buying for two it can add up quick! Do you have a Costco membership? They always get in a ton of Carters outfits and they are around $5.00 - even better than the Carters sales or outlet.


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