Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's been busy round here!

Geez, it's been nearly a month since my last post! Holy buckets!!
Well, there's been plenty going on in the wild and crazy Hollibaugh household! Where to start. . .

Si had his first "bring your kids to work day" at the beginning of the month. It was so surreal. I remember that day last year and it wasn't a happy day. I am so glad that this year it was a happier time when we could actually celebrate being parents. Here's a shot of the girls with Si in his extra large "cube" at work. So proud =)

We also did our first zoo trip with daddy in tow - fun stuff! We checked out the gorillas which is something the girls hadn't seen before - it was quite the experience!

And of course Si sniffed some gorilla booty outside of the exhibit - so silly =)

The girls had their super late 6 month check up on May 5th, and they are doing great! We have some big girlies ladies and gentlemen! Here are their stats:
Miss Olivia - AKA Baby A - 26.5 inches (62nd percentile), 18 lbs 7 oz (76th percentile)
Miss Brianna - AKA Baby B - 26.5 inches (62nd percentile), 19 lbs 9 oz (92nd percentile)

I couldn't believe they were the same height! Bri looks so much taller! Livvy must just be a sloucher when she sits or something. Too funny. Anyway, the girls are appropriately meeting developmental milestones, and the pediatrician isn't concerned about them at all. Livvy does continue to measure in with a larger head than Brianna (95th percentile), but the pediatrician says she is still within normal range and she is perfect, so we are running with it! No helmets here!

What else? Well, Si and I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons! We got off to a rough start with our first instructor, so we switched to a different instructor at the same facility and now we are doing great! We can waltz and foxtrot around the dance floor like nobody's business! We still have a long way to go, but we know all of the basic steps, and our instructor told us we can now dance better than 97% of the population. Sweet! I love how I feel when I am in Si's arms. So safe, so secure. We are one. I LOVE that!

Si and I have been jumping back into the rescue stuff more in the last few weeks, so between that and the dancing, I simply haven't had time to update. Plus it's been crazy at work - ebb and flow man, geez! I got a nice slow transition back into work when I came back from maternity leave, but now it's nuts. Of course, as it is getting warm and I would like to be taking time off to spend with the girlies, I get super busy at work. LOL. Such is life. At least I have a job right? We are very blessed. No complaints here!

Oh yes, we tried to foster our first rescue "pug" this weekend, our first since the girls were born. Yeah, except he wasn't a pug. And he didn't make it very long with us. Mr. Tank is a bulldog. 49lbs of solid muscle. SO cute. We were told that he was a little aggressive around other animals. But Si has ALWAYS wanted a bulldog (seriously Si?! But they are cute, I get it). So we decided to give it a try. We had him for less than 2 hours. We gave him a bath and he tried to attack Si while we were trying to dry him off. Yeah, not happening with babies in the house. So, he's with one of the other expert rescuers who doesn't have any kiddos, so hopefully she can get him rehabbed so we can get him adopted out. He is such a cutie!! If he'd have been a really good boy we probably would have kept him (against my better judgment of course!).
Mr. Tank. . .

Okay, I think that is all that has been going on since I last posted. We are all doing fine here! Allergies are in full swing, so we have a sneezy snotty household, but no other ill effects. The girls are still sleeping through the night, and we are working on naps. Bri now naps in her crib instead of in the swing (YAY!). We are trying to transition Liv out of the swing for naps but she is being very resistant. It's a work in progress.

Oh, I almost forgot!! How could I forget this!? Bri got her first tooth yesterday!!! 5/18/2011, so 7 months 5 days old. She was super fussy yesterday when we were shopping, so I'm guessing that is why. Liv still doesn't have any teeth, but if I had to guess, it's going to happen any day now. =).
These may be the last pictures of that toothless grin that I love so much!

Okay, that's really enough for now! I promise to try and post more often, even if it's just a short thing letting you know the newest update and that we are doing okay. Hope you are doing well too!

Until next time,

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  1. It's been a while but lots of good news in this post. Glad to hear no helmet needed and I'm so excited for the tooth. I keep checking my girls everyday looking for a glimmer of white in their smile.


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