Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nope, still not mobile!

I've been getting lots of questions as to whether or not the girls are mobile yet. My answer? Nope! Not even close! The girls continue to hate tummy time. That said, I appreciate all of the comments I got from my fellow bloggers, and I am no longer concerned that they won't crawl or walk or turn into perfectly normal little toddlers. . .eventually! Whew! Thanks for the reassurance ladies!

So, what have we been doing about our lack of mobility? Well, our back-up nanny (Michelle) has been working with the girls a lot on tummy time on the days she is here, and the girls really are getting better at tolerating it. They still don't make it even 5 minutes on their tummies, but I can tell they are getting stronger every day and one of these days are simply going to take off (you know. . maybe in like a month). I'm enjoying my time not having to chase them around and am of course not in any hurry to have them mobile! BUT. . .when everyone else's babies are doing it, well, I guess I'm a bit of a competitor at heart and want my babies to be up there at the front of the line too!

Eh, it's a work in progress. Bri can get her chest fully off the floor though. That's good, right? Livvy still has no desire and would much prefer to roll over or bury her head in the carpet. That girl is going to need some serious motivation to get up and going! She loves to just sit and watch what is going on. No need to move. That little girl is a sponge. She's analyzing everything going on around her. Am I in trouble or what?!

The girlies during typical tummy time - note that Livvy is trying to project herself over instead of practicing a crawling position? Crazy kiddo!

Ah! I actually got Liv to look up for long enough to take a picture! Sweet!

Bri being her happy self for a couple of minutes during tummy time =)

Why on earth do we moms feel that it's a competition between our kids and the kids around us? Why do we want to be the best? Is it just human nature?

Hope you guys had a great week!!


  1. They are doing just fine!! I know several babies who are 10 months and aren't crawling! And Jack crawled at 8 1/2 months. There is a HUGE range for it and some kiddos skip it all together and walk first!! :) Don't stress mama! :)

  2. I'm the same way! I even remembered being competitive about my due date with other September moms. Seriously. UGH!

    They're doing great! They look great! They are just so adorable!

  3. Eh, don't worry about it. Mine will be 9 months on the 8th and they're still not mobile. Amelia is SUPER close but Claire doesn't even try. She is perfectly content to just sit where you put her.

  4. My kiddos HATED tummy time. We actually stopped it once they could sit up in the exersaucer (neglectasaucer) and jumper. Our pedi said that worked the same muscles. One day they weren't crawling and the next they were moving everywhere.

  5. Hey Megan! I'm just catching up on blog posts and pictures. It's getting to be a busy summer. Gosh, your girls have grown and they are BEAUTIFUL!

    What a good question there at the end - my sister-in-law and I were talking about that same thing (competitiveness) a few weeks ago. I try really hard not to engage in 'mommy competition' but I think there is something about contemporary mommy culture that makes it very hard! I want to be the kind of person who focuses more on celebrating our accomplishments as women and mothers. Therein lies the win! :)


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