Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our first family reunion! and other musings. . .

You notice my exclamation point? Well, that's how we greeted everyone when we walked in the door to the girls first family reunion on Sunday (Si's side). . .except it was "WWWWAAAAAHHHHHH"!!! From Olivia, directed towards her great grandpa. The whole room stopped what they were doing to see what was going on. Great first impression! We were super cute though, so luckily few people cared=)

The girls are into the "stranger danger" stage now and are afraid of new people. I took them to the mall a couple of weeks ago in just the stroller, not the car seats attached into the stroller (facing me), and they SCREAMED bloody murder when we walked into our first store, Victoria's Secret. They cried for 20 minutes. I just kept shopping, thinking that maybe they would stop... eventually. Yeah, I was that mom. And yeah, it was not fun.

Speaking of that mall experience. . .the girls and I go shopping every Wednesday with Miss Sheila and baby Adam. If we can't use our current stroller, we are going to have to find something new. We are thinking about this one. (Non tech savvy people, click on the word "one" and it will link you to the stroller I am talking about)

It's got some super cool features, most notably that the seats can be changed to face whichever direction we want that day. Both girls can face me, both girls can face out, the girls can face each other, or the girls can face away from each other. How cool is that?! We don't really have any desire to buy another new stroller, but we are thinking that we want to try and save the Graco that matches the car seats so we can sell the whole thing as a set when we are done with them, and the pink safari jogging stroller we have (that I love) is great. . .but it doesn't fit through standard doorways! That obviously can't be our primary stroller then can it? I need to be able to go to the mall and fit between the clothes in the isles as well as down the isles at the supermarket without blocking other peoples carts! So, we are looking at this one. There is a different brand spanking new stroller that is purple that I LOVE, but I can't justify the $650 price tag. SO, this is what I can get. I really think we are going to like the versatility with this stroller. I know a lot of twin moms are big on the side by side strollers, but you know what? At this point I'm a tandem girl, all the way. It may be heavier and longer, but it better accomadates my needs at this point =).

In other news, Olivia had these two little bumps on the inside of her gums and she had a scratch on her ear that we were thinking needed to be looked at by the pediatrician, so we made an appointment to go in today. Sure enough, Livvy has a little skin infection by her ear. Antibiotic ointment 3 x a day and we will be good to go. As for the little bumps, they are mucus seals (like a pimple kind of on the inside of your mouth). They should go away on their own. Gross, but glad it's an easy fix!
While we were there we weighed the girls and we just keep getting bigger!
Miss Olivia - Baby A - 19lbs 15 oz
Miss Brianna - Baby B - 21 lbs 2 oz (holy buckets Batman!)

Also, news in the tooth department. Bri has gotten her second tooth, also on the bottom. For those of you keeping track, that's Brianna - 2, Olivia - 0.
Olivia is obviously just way too busy rolling all over the place to grow teeth! You put her down and she rolls one way, then turns around and rolls the other. Except in her crib. In her crib she rolls onto her tummy, then screams bloody murder until someone comes to save her! Bri can roll as well, but chooses not to at this point. Instead she would rather lay on her back and grab her toes. Crazy how different two babies can be!

One thing they can both do equally as well however, say Da-Da! Si is so proud. Olivia can say ma-ma, but has only said it a couple of times. It's a work in progress. Every time I say Ma-Ma to the girls they laugh at me. Not the response I was expecting!

That's all for now! Have a great rest of your week!!



  1. You must get that stroller. It matches mine. And they were NOT that bad in Victoria Secret. No way! I think moms are just always paranoid about those things. And to our mommy ears it sounds way worse than to others. I thought they were great troopers!

    We have some antibiotic ointment for Adam's ezcema too when it gets infected. The ped said its also just great to have on hand and in the first aid kit especially when they start getting really mobile and encountering bonks along the way.

    Feel better soon Liv!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Megan....can you girls be any sweeter!!! They are growing up so fast! That stroller looks pretty neat....I say go for it. Anything that can make your life easier I am all for!! ;-) we need all the help we can get, right?!?! Glad to hear everything all is well!

  3. LOL Sheila! We would totally match! Then you just WAIT for the triplet comments! HA! Good to know on the ointment - they weren't concerned at all of course, but they were glad we brought her in. I just couldn't get the spot to go away, so go figure it was a bit infected. Poor peanut. She's a trooper though! Except when we are at VS! That day was awful!!
    Andrea - you are SO sweet!! Thank you! Your darlings are absolutely ADORABLE as well!! And I totally agree, anything that can make life easier is worth it's weight in gold!! Based on your post though I may soon be worrying about buying Ipods and smartphones instead of strollers for the girls- lol! =)

  4. They just keep getting cuter and cuter!

    We have that stroller. We don't use it anymore, as our BOB duallie is better suited to us now, but the Contours one was GREAT! The girls loved sitting facing one another. Made the whole "somebody has to be in the back" point obsolete. :) If you lived near us you could have ours, sitting in the garage sad and lonely.

  5. We are in the same boat as far as strollers go. Right now we have a double Snap N Go but that's not going to last much longer. The girls are still fine in their carseats weight-wise but holy moly! They are heavy! So we are in the market for a new stroller too. I don't know if you know, but Kolcraft has come out with an updated version of the stroller you linked. Its supposed to have fixed some of the complaints that people have about that one. I think its called the Options II. I can't wait to hear what you think about it if you get it! We are in between the Kolcraft and the Graco Quattro Duo Tour

  6. Johanna - thanks for the review! And we would totally take you up on that if we were even kind of close! We've been stalking craigslist here for weeks seeing if one would pop up. We are going through so many strollers at this point (this will be stroller #5) that until I find "the one" that I really want I have no problem buying cheaper strollers, or even used strollers to save some money =). How many strollers have you guys gone through to date?
    Stephanie - wow! Your girlies still fit in the double snap and go?! That's great! We are using the Graco duo glider and we snap our Graco car seats into it. AMAZING. I highly recommend that to anyone having twins! The girls love being in their car seats in the stroller (and I love not having to wake them up or take them out of their car seats to put them in the stroller and vice versa), but so far they simply hate being in the stroller when they aren't in their car seats. I think it bothers them not being able to see each other and touch each other, and with the stranger danger phase now they only face out and see other people (who they don't know), not me. We did some research to figure out what stroller we could get that would change that, and the contour options fit the bill. I was aware that there was a newer one, but despite the negative comments about the lovely ruby red one, I would still prefer to have it over the new one (gray and orange - boo). We keep debating it and trying to make sure that we can't just keep using the Graco! Already having a Graco I would be happy to give you any info you'd like (although I do understand you guys are looking at the Quattro Duo Tour, not the Duo Glider - we only got the Duo Glider because it matched our car seats)! If the girls weren't having stranger danger issues and freaking out at the mall we would probably keep it because it really is functional and very user friendly! I will definitely let you know what I think of the contour after we have had a chance to use it some as well =).
    Anyone have any other suggestions? We are absolutely open to your suggestions/ recommendations!!


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