Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, June 27, 2011

"How far apart are they?"

"Excuse me?"

"How far apart are your girls? They look pretty close in age."

"Um, they're twins. They are the same age" I replied, puzzled how anyone would think otherwise when looking at two infants.

"Oh. Well that one (pointing at Bri) looks longer in the stroller. I thought she was older and you had this one (pointing at Livvy) soon after having the other one (pointing at Bri)"

Okay, stop right here. My girls look different. I know that. But they don't look that different! They are only 8.5 months old! They aren't walking or running around. One isn't significantly taller or shorter than the other. They weigh within a pound of each other. Why on earth would someone think that they weren't twins?!

Honestly, I knew that this day would come since they are fraternal twins and they do look pretty different. But I was expecting them to make it to at least 3 or 4 years old before I would have to defend their twinhood! They were even dressed the same. I mean come on now people! Seriously! How many moms with same sex daughters of different ages dress them in the exact same outfit? A few do, I'm sure. But I highly doubt it's the majority!

MoM's - have your twins been called out yet as not being twins? Do you have a certain thing that you say when people ask? I mean, I'm used to being asked if they are twins, and I usually have a bit of a script for how I respond to that. But I've got nothing for the opposite question. I guess the technical correct answer to her direct question of "How far apart are they?" would be "One minute". . .is that the response I should use when asked again?

And switching the topic totally to. . .baby monitors! Big change I know. But, ours broke, or is defective, or something. It's an expensive baby monitor too! It's a color video monitor unit complete with sound, as well as a separate portable sound only unit.

We have a 1 1/2 story home, and our bedroom is upstairs while the nursery is downstairs. We wanted to make sure we could have our eyes and ears on the girls in the nursery from our bedroom upstairs. So we got the super expenisve baby monitor. The problem? The sound. The picture is great. We can flip it on and off by pushing one button, and can see a real time picture (usually of Livvy) sleeping (or thrashing) in her crib. Ahhh. But the sound is awful! Full of interference. Like to the point that you can't turn it up because there is no possible way you'd be able to sleep through the crazy increases in static. Then about a month ago, the hand unit died. It just quit picking up any sound at all after we charged it. Weird.

So we contacted the company (Summer Infant) last week and they are having us send it in, and they will send us out a replacement. BUT, it takes 7-10 business days to get it back. So, we have an easy week and a half to two weeks with no baby monitor. That's not okay. So, we were looking to see if there was a relatively inexpensive monitor unit that we could buy that would be good for the two weeks until we get our rockstar unit back. Any suggestions? For the time being we are going to pick up the cheapest one they have at Target and give it a whirl. Hopefully it doesn't suck! Which one do you guys use? Do you love it? Hate it?

Okay, that's all for now! Happy Monday!



  1. First of all - Are you serious? People say that?!? I wouldn't know WHAT to say just because of how stupid that sounds. UGH!

    We use Philips Avent DECT baby monitor SCD510 - Baby monitoring system - DECT - 120-channel. It is not a video monitor however. Andy chose it because of the DECT technology which I THINK means no static. And we have no static. Andy knows more about what DECT means that me... But if you could find a video monitor with DECT that would be PERFECT!

    I like your "one minute" response to the stupid people who ask how far apart your girls are.

  2. People are weird. My friend has 3 month old fraternal twin girls and was asked if they were both hers. Bahahahaha!
    Yes, I think you should say, "approx 1 minute apart".

  3. OMG - that is insane. Your babies look like twins. People are idiots. Mine have never been mistaken for anything other than twins, but when they were small, I used to get "Are they boys or girls?" of my pink, ruffly, flowery babies.

  4. I got asked that once and I definitely said "6 minutes" and the person was like "...Oh! They're twins?" Uh, yeah.

    I don't have any advice about the monitor. We have a sound-only one and I don't love it.

  5. lol! I've gotten this a few times. Lila is about 1/2 to 1 lb bigger than Olivia. And, they do look pretty different. But, yeah, when they're dressed the same and both in the stroller in their infant carriers it is pretty funny that people can be so amazed that they are twins... Or, that O was born first even though L is bigger. Why is that so incredulous? My younger sister was born two years after me and she is taller than I am, no one freaks out about that.

  6. I know, I have also been asked THAT question, along with soooo many other "crazy" questions...check out this link to one of the funniest things I have ever seen! (as posted by a fellow blogger- Because I'm the Mommy) I am sure you all will be able to relate. BTW, I always answer "1 minue"...clues the clueless right in! LOL

    Monitors- We use the Angel Care monitors...they are not video but they monitor room temperature, babies movements/breathing (an alarm goes off if something is wrong) and the BEST part is that unless they are making a sound the monitor is's great for someone like me who is such a light sleeper.

  7. Wow!! That had to one out there individual!! You babies so look like twins!!! Gosh Megan I think they (the girls) get sweeter every time you post...if that is even possible!!!

  8. Well my girls ARE identical and are always dressed alike and every now and then, someone comments about how much they look alike. And when I say, "they're twins"... they are shocked! Crazy people ;) My other pet peeve is that everyone assumes the bigger/heavier twin is the oldest. My heavier one is actually the oldest, but sometimes I lie when someone asks me if she's the oldest! Who cares anyway!!

  9. How about how often I get asked if Dori and VA are twins? Ummm..nope, they're 19 months apart and today it was made official that VA weighs 2 lbs more than Dori, which I knew was coming. We loved our Graco dual monitor, but its sound only. We used it with both Dori and VA and now need to replace it (something else on my to do list...) :)


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