Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

33 Week Update and Pictures =)

Hello! It's been a little crazy around here for the last week, so I didn't have a chance to post belly pics or anything last week. That's okay though, because I have enough pictures this week to make up for it!

First, on Wednesday my grandma brought down the baby quilts that she made for the girls. I LOVE them!! Here are a couple of pictures of them=)

This is Baby Olivia's quilt

This is a close up of the center of Baby Olivia's quilt

This is Baby Brianna's quilt

This is a close up of Baby Brianna's quilt

Si was out of town in Baltimore all weekend for a friend's wedding. I wasn't allowed to go for obvious reasons (I'm ginourmous and pregnant and the OB was worried that the change in cabin pressure on a plane could cause my water to break). I was a MESS while he was gone. Pregnancy hormones are nuts!!!

So Si got back Sunday and the girls were very patient and waited until about noon on Monday to start acting up. Contractions. . .about every 10 minutes. . .starting at noon. I called the OB and he told me to come on in to his office and they would do a NST (Non Stress Test) and make sure the babies were okay. We figured it would take an hour, two hours max. Well, we got to the OB's office and it turns out that the NST machine that they have does a cruddy job with twins, so we needed to go to L&D (labor and delivery) at the hospital instead to be monitored. Sigh. The only cruddy thing about going to the hospital to be checked out is it takes FOREVER! So we went, we were checked, and 6 hours later we were released to go home. We were having contractions of course, and my uterus is nice and irritable. They gave me two shots of terbutaline to reduce the contractions, checked my cervix (still thick, high, and closed - YAY), and sent me home with procardia to take at home to continue to attempt to keep the contractions at bay. We are supposed to go back in and see the OB on Thursday to make sure all is well, no cervical changes, etc.

We have another wedding this weekend, and Si is the best man (his brother's wedding), and we are hoping for a nice quiet uneventful weekend. Fingers crossed!! Stay put and stay quiet little ladies!

The only other thing I have is we were slacking last week and didn't take any belly pics, so I made sure that we took some tonight. Here are some pictures of 33 week preggo momma for your viewing pleasure=).
Here's a couple of side views. . .

Here is a bare belly pic - getting bigger by the second!

Here is a picture of my swollen ankles and feet! Yuck!

If I find out anything interesting at my OB appointment on Thursday I will make sure to post it! Otherwise. . .until next week. . .hope you have a great one!!! =)


  1. I feel ya!
    I was just in L&D and got the same exact thing for my contractions! My ankles have started to swell terribly too. You're doing a great job, keep up the good work, they will be here before you know it.

  2. Btw, the quilts are beautiful, I love them.

  3. TO answer your questions from my blog...

    I think my goal would be to get them each to over 4 lbs. I have a growth u/s in 2 weeks so we will see. I think they should be there by then. My goal is to get past 33 weeks. I am going to the pool daily now and that helps A should try it if you aren't already. The procardia is working OK, I am still having BH but before I was on it I was contracting more than I should, now it's not as frequent.

  4. OMG...I can't believe you posted the "ankles" they make me hurt for you. :(


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