Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, January 17, 2011

They did it!!!!

Both girls slept through the night last night!! This means that they went from about 9:30 PM to 7 AM without waking up - not to eat, not to be changed, not to play - AHHHH - it was heaven!!! I still had to get up at 4 AM to pump of course, but I did a super quick 10 minute pumping session and then went back to sleep. Sleep. I had almost forgotten what real REM sleep was! It was FABULOUS!

And today, well, today has been wonderful. It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and being a federal employee means I have today off. YAY! And when I have the day off I have so much fun with the girlies. The girlies have been so happy today that I have spent a decent part of the day trying to catch their smiles on the camera. It's a work in progress. BUT, I snapped this gem this morning. . .this is Miss Olivia. . .LOVE IT!

I attempted the same picture with Brianna, but she wasn't nearly as cooperative. Maybe a different day!

Grandpa (aka Papa Ken) stopped by for a bit to see the girlies and his twin babysitting skills amaze me! Here he is entertaining both girls =)

And a picture of the girlies together=)

So what are you enjoying about today? I find that I love the girlies more and more each day, and enjoy every single second I get to spend with them (even the fussy ones!). Have a great rest of your evening!


Late addition - per popular demand - here is a picture of Brianna hanging out in her blanket. Not quite as cute as Olivia's, but it was requested that I post it anyway =).

Have a great night =)


  1. Those are adorable! I think that first one of Olivia would be a great Valentine photo!!!

    I can hear the smile in your voice as you write this! You must have had a great sleep! Isn't it crazy what a good night's sleep can do?

    We spent the day eating, playing, and sleeping and scraping wall paper. Yep. Andy got on an HGTV kick and decided that the wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom must come down. I think I may need to block that channel. :-)

    I have my eyes, fingers, and toes crossed for NO SNOW on Wednesday. IF there is snow, however, do you want to make a plan for Sunday? Or the following weekend? (or BOTH!!!!) :-)

  2. Oh my goodness- that picture of Olivia is SO CUTE! I want to eat her with a spoon! Glad you enjoyed your day off!

  3. Um... JEALOUS! :) And, happy for you. There is nothing like good sleep for a new mom!!!!

    I am cracking up at that picture of Miss Olivia. Too cute.


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