Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 months old, and my first full week back at work

The girls turned 3 months old this week. They are getting SO big and are changing every single day. They haven't mastered any new skills this week, but they are sure working on it! New this week - Brianna has started trying to roll over, has been very very vocal with her coos, and seems to be working hard on finding her voice range. It's quite comical. Olivia has started mimicking what other people are doing, follows you everywhere with her eyes, and is perfecting the art of sleep (dad is SO proud). Both girls have also discovered their hands this week and are quite content trying to stuff as many fingers as possible into their mouth at a time. Crazy kids! They are finally out of size 1 diapers and are on their way out of 0-3 month outfits (I thought that would happen weeks ago, but I think they had just come off a growth spurt when I made that prediction).

This was my first full week back at work, and on Wednesday I thought everything was going perfectly and that this was going to be easier than I thought (HA). Um no. See, I was busy at work on Monday and Tuesday. Like I barely had time to remember to pump busy. I had Wednesday off (I work 4 - 10 hour days). So when I went in on Thursday I figured it would be crazy busy too, but it wasn't. I mean I had stuff to do, but I wasn't busy. Same thing on Friday. Add onto the fact that Brianna decided that her current sleep schedule was crap and should be thrown out the window on Wednesday and Thursday night, and I was TIRED. 10 hour days are hard enough. They are even harder when you get less than 4 hours of sleep a night. Sigh. I was seriously dragging by Friday evening. I'm hoping next week is better. On the bright side, the nanny seems to have done very well with the girls - YAY! Brianna was fussy all day Thursday and I think it wore on her a bit, but she still came to work on Friday, so apparently it wasn't too bad =). And she is helping with dishes and laundry when she isn't super busy with the girls and it is awesome to have that extra little bit of help around the house. For us, a nanny really was the right choice. It's only part time, and it is expensive, but it's worth it!

What else is going on? Well, Sheila and Andy and baby Adam came over to visit yesterday. We left the guys at home with the babies and Sheila and I went to Cheesecake factory for some non-mommy time! It was much needed. Of course we ended up sitting there talking about the babies the whole time, but still, it was nice to actually be able to eat food while it was still hot and talk to an actual other living breathing adult =). We must do it again very soon. We snapped a picture of all three of the babies together before they left to go back home yesterday - they are so cute together - now if only we could get them to smile! It's a work in progress=).

Sheila and I have also decided that we are going to make our own baby food. We are organic food eaters anyway (at the very least with produce), and organic baby food is SO expensive, so we are going to give making it ourselves a shot - at least with fruits and veggies =). Hopefully it will be cheaper and more fun for us to make it anyway. We gave canning a shot a couple of years ago and had a great time so I hope this effort is equally as fruitful (ha - no pun intended!). I think we have decided that we are going to use the special ice cube trays with lids to freeze the baby food. Do any of you have any experience with this or any other aspect of baby food making? Any tips or cautions for us? I'm kind of wondering how much we should be making at a time. . .hmmm. . .

And of course I won't leave you without pictures of the girlies from the last week!
I personally think there's nothing cuter than a sleeping baby. . .here's a picture of Brianna asleep in my arms =)

Do you ever wonder what the babies are thinking when you take a picture? Try interpreting this look! LOL! Olivia cracks me up!

And last but not least, here's a picture of Si, asleep, after watching the Bears/Seahawk game holding the girlies who are obviously very much awake =)

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Our children are just adorable. How luck are we?!?!??!?!?!

    I had so much fun! I can't believe how fast it went! FX for Wednesday!!!!!

    As for the food - I think we should ease into it. Because I think I read somewhere you can freeze for up to 3 months but it is best to use within 1. And I think I'm going to introduce very slowly given my krazy kid's allergies. So I wouldn't want to make a whole ton of squash and find out he's allergic...

    When we get comfortable though - my baebo thingy from William Sonoma has actual recipes!!!!

    A lot of the mom's on my mspi support group make their own and say how easy it is. I hope they're right!

  2. I love all the pictures. THEY GROW TOO FAST!!! L & O are so vocal too, it's the most adorable thing to hear babies babbling. We should get them all together and sell tickets to the chorus. :)

    I made most of the baby food for the bigger Princesses when they were babies and plan to continue for these new ones. I would keep some store stuff in the pantry for when we were going out but we do that a lot less these days, lol. Anyway, in the past I didn't make that much to keep in the freezer, just a few meals, but that's because I usually steam and mash a bit whatever vegetable we eat for dinner. When we're first introducing new foods, I'd plan our dinner vegetable(s) around that. That said, I used to have less kids and more time so maybe I'll plan more days to make food ahead... Who knows!


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