Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, July 1, 2013

I CAN do it myself Mom!

"I can do it myself!"

That phrase has been uttered so many times in our home recently that by the end of most days it literally takes all I have to not roll my eyes and respond like "Marlin" (Nemo's Dad) in Finding Nemo ("You think you can do these things, but you just can't Nemo!").  

I get it.  The girls will be 3 in October, and they want to be independent.  They want to be able to make the decisions that affect their daily lives.  And I'm cool with that. Really (okay okay, read, maybe).
You want to wash your hands by yourself?  You go for it.  
You want to put your shoes on yourself?  Super!  
You want to vacuum the floor? Sounds great!
You want to pick out your own clothes? You can do it!

But how do you know when to draw the line???

Case in point; the girls love to go to the park.  They are getting braver by the minute on the swings and the playground equipment! But what am I supposed to do when I hear that all too familiar phrase from them... "I can do it myself mom!"....but I don't think that they can??  At what point do you let them take that risk, and potentially fall and get hurt just to learn that maybe they can't do xyz thing themselves?  How do you know? 

And the follow up to that do you know when you are just being overprotective, and you need to back off and let the kids learn on their own and show you what they can really do?

The girls have shown me that they CAN do several things recently.  I didn't think that they could.  

Walking across the super slick steep bridge at the zoo in the Rainforest....I had to hold on with both hands not to fall on my face, but not the girls!

Or climbing up this contraption at the park...I figured they could do it, I just wanted to be able to help them, or to put my hand on their back or booty in case they fell.  They weren't having it!

I was honestly worried for them. But they did an awesome job.  They didn't flinch.  They just did it.  I flinched! I held my breath!  Is that just how being a momma is from this point forward?  Veteran mommas...insight??? 


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  1. I don't qualify as veteran since my girls are a month younger than yours but I will say we're going through the same thing and yes occassionally I roll my eyes.

    I have learnt that the are more competent than I give them credit for and I so do not want to become a helicopter mom or instill unnneccessary fear in them. I think I'm learnign to go with the flow a bit more

  2. OMG - we are going through the same with my twin boys (3 in Nov!) - "I do it" It really is cute but there are times you just need to do it yourself to get on with the day, right? Love my twinsies though! Glad to have found you through My Twintopia!

  3. Haha! Oh can I so relate! I control the things I can. (Adam HAS to wear tennis shoes to the park.) There's a few things at the park that are too advanced for him, but he's really pretty good at sticking to the boundaries I set. Its scary and awesome to watch them grow up. That will never change and the stakes just get higher.


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