Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Saturday, July 7, 2012

They know how to make me smile =)

Our girls are at such a fun age right now! Toddler-hood is a tricky thing, but luckily they have been able to make us smile just as much as they make us want to strangle them in any given day. HA!

We've been a little busy lately (duh, I know!), so while the laundry is definitely getting done, it isn't always making it into "put away" stage.  There has been a laundry basket of the girls clothes sitting on their bedroom floor since Tuesday.  We were playing with fire, I know. For the first couple of days the girls paid no attention to it - they just let it sit there uninterrupted.  Then yesterday Bri decided that she wanted to wear several layers of clothing (it was 102 degrees here), so she put on several dresses and a swimsuit from the clothes basket and paraded around the house like a fashion diva. I know, I know, just wait until she wants to leave the house like that!  Oye! Note Livvy with the camera - she was trying to capture everything on film as it was happening - just like mommy - she's my little shadow =).

Well today Bri decided not only to put on the dresses, but added in a skirt and shoes and gave a big goofy smile for the camera! Note that while the shoes themselves do not match, the colors that she chose actually do correspond with the colors of the clothes she is wearing! LOL! This girl cracks me up! Our little fashionista! (Note that while you may not be able to tell, she was actually wearing 4 different sun dresses, one skirt, and two mismatched shoes)

So that's my quick post for today.  I have several other posts brewing, including one on Tot School and providing more structure to our day, as well as a post on our potty training progress (or lack there of), so please stay tuned!

Oh, and of course I can't let you go without a picture of baby Hudson! So, here he is, sleeping soundly with his daddy. =).

Hope you all are enjoying your summer and are managing to stay cool in the midst of this heat wave that is affecting most of the country!

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  1. Your little guy is so adorable. I can totally understand the "put away" stage of laundry. People without 3 kids (and ours are close in age) don't understand how adding 1 more makes for so much more work. You're doing great posting on the blog already. I think I went M.I.A for almost a month! Your comment about "strangle them" made me laugh out loud. Patience definitely has to be your middle name at this point :)

  2. Argh, you just made me feel awful - even when it was just 2 of us, clean laundry spent a lot of time in the guest room bed. Now is not any different. You got 3 kids, you are allowed.

    Baby Hudson looks like he's settling right in. Great to hear from you

  3. Glad you guys are doing so well!

    Ummm... I have a huge basket of laundry in the twins' closet waiting to be put away. And I don't have the excuse of a newborn.

  4. What a cute post and super cute pics of your gorgeous and funny girls! And baby Hudson is so beautiful, awww, glad to hear all is going well Megan xo

  5. Adorable pictures! Love her style, haha. Thanks for stopping by my guest post. Glad my hubs is not the only online shopper, let me know if you need any TP ;) hehe.

    I am your newest follower

  6. That is too funny!! We wore our winter boots to the pool the other day because they HAD to wear them! BTW, I check the blog in the reader so I rarely see the actual blog...I love the picture in the header...ADORABLE!!


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