Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun in the sun!

Or, more appropriately, fun in the shade!

We have been keeping cool in the mornings by watering mamma's plants and swimming in their pool in the shade in the front yard.  This is a typical morning at our house!
The girls lounge in the pool...

Hudson lounges in his bouncy chair and makes crazy faces at us....he's silly=)

Then the girls take an awesome nap.  Something about being outside during the day makes our girls sleep wonderfully both at night and at nap time.  I am dreading winter.  Seriously.

BUT, we are still in the thick of summer here in Nebraska.

It's been really really HOT in Omaha (as is true with most of the country I know), but that won't slow these girls down.  Nope! If they can't play in their pool outside, they will play with their pool inside! Who needs water?!
We will read books in our pool in the living room.  We are SO cool!

And of course playing dress up is at the top of our list of cool things to do too =)

So what are you guys doing now a days to beat the heat???

Until next time!


  1. Too cute! Ours love playing in their little pool and water table. Love the summer, but ready for some cooler weather!

  2. Your kids are so adorable and little Hudson is getting big! What a fun way to keep the girls entertained! Such a fun age :)

  3. I feel like some of these days are just like the dead of winter! Too hot to even get outside some days!
    We try to walk in the morning but even then… it can be too hot!


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