Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A successful transition!

Our girls are so different. SO different. And they've been this way from the beginning!

When we brought them home from the hospital at a mere 8 days old we quickly learned that we couldn't put both girls in the same Pack N Play or crib to sleep. Nope. Livvy was a talker. She would wake up not only Bri with her "talking", but Mommy and Daddy too. And we needed sleep. NEEDED sleep. We couldn't have a "talker" messing with the sleep schedule in our household! No sir!!

Si's mom (who was staying with us at the time) made it her mission to work with Livvy and very quickly got her situated and used to sleeping in her crib. This could either be the crib in her room (while we were sleeping downstairs on the couch for the first 7 weeks of the girls life), or in the crib upstairs in our room (once I could actually lay flat to sleep in my own bed).

Bri was a reflux baby and had to sleep at an angle. Most nights for the first 6 months of her life she slept in her little lamb cuddle swing. We had two of these swings. We LOVED them.

One of the swings usually traveled up and down the stairs each day with Bri. At night, the swing was in our bedroom, running, at the bottom of our bed. In the morning the swing was carried back downstairs and the girls would nap in their swings.

Please don't judge me! =). We did what we had to do to get some peace, and the girls to sleep. They loved napping in their swings, so that's what we let them do. They turned out just fine!

Once we transitioned Brianna out of her swing at around 6 months, she went into the bassinet portion of the Pack N Play beside our bed. I was still nursing the girls, so if/when they would wake up first thing in the morning (sometimes around 5-6 AM) I would nurse them, and put them back down, and they would sleep until 7-7:30.

At about 8 months Livvy moved downstairs into her room (the nursery) to sleep at night. YAY!

At about 10 months miss Bri followed suit and was moved downstairs.
BUT, not into her crib. Oh no. Not Brianna. She wanted NOTHING to do with her crib. She wanted to sleep in her Pack N Play. And NOT in the same room as her sister. Oh no, she wanted her own space.
So we gave in.
She got to sleep in her Pack N Play in the spare bedroom.
She'd been there ever since.

Fast forward to the beginning of March. I started talking to Bri about sharing a room with Livvy. She was very excited at the prospect of getting to sleep in her "real" crib in the same room as her sister. We talked about it several times a week for several weeks.

Last weekend we decided it was time to take the plunge.

The first night was ROUGH.
After bath time, we put the girls into their cribs (real cribs) in the same room.
Lots of tears.
Bri FREAKED out.
She didn't know where she was in the dark.
This wasn't her Pack N Play.
Oh but wait....I hear my sister...she's crying too! sister is here with me?
Que talking and whining for about 20 minutes.
Finally it was quiet. We were guessing they went to sleep.

They got up an hour early the next day. Oye.
Nap time was even worse.
Tears, followed by standing up in their cribs, chatting, giggling, and jumping on their mattresses.
After 30 minutes they finally laid down and slept for an hour.
These girls normally sleep for 2.5-3.5 hours in the afternoons.
They had gotten up an hour earlier than usual AND had only taken a fraction of the nap that they normally take.
They were fussy.
We were frazzled.

When we put them down for bed that night they cried for about 30 seconds, talked for 5 minutes, then went to right to sleep.
Since then they have had NO issues.
Sure, occassionally they would chat for a couple minutes before going to sleep, but then they would SLEEP. And sleep well!

Now they love sharing a room!
They love seeing each other first thing when they wake up.
They love knowing that their sister, their best friend, is right there in the same room with them.

Our transition is complete. We survived! And it was a success! I'm so glad!!!

Now to tackle the potty training....
T-9 weeks and counting....

Until next time -


  1. Wow!! Glad that all went so smoothly! When they switch to toddler beds, they'll REALLY be thrilled to share a room... If you know what I mean ;) Haha! They can be quite entertaining for mom and dad on the video monitor!

    1. HAHA! I have no doubt! They are contained now, but as soon as they've got that freedom, all best are off!
      We love watching them on the they think they are sneaky now...=)

  2. Oh my gosh that pic of them looking at each other from their cots is so precious and adorable!! It must be so wonderful for them to have each other, oh just think what they'll be getting up to in 5 years or so. Better hide your make-up and nail polish!!
    Super cute story about their sleep patterns and likes and dislikes, kids are funny little things aren't they! :)

    1. I totally love that they have each other! I already feel bad for my little man because he isn't going to have a little buddy to play with all the time...just his two big sisters! God help him! LOL!
      Kids are funny little things for sure! Thanks for commenting Kerry!

  3. I have to tell you Megan when reading this I can totally relate. Anyone that judges you can go jump off a cliff! You have twins and another baby on the way oh and to top it off you work full time. I think you should do whatever you need to do to get some sleep. I'm sure if your little guy likes the swing he'll be sleeping most of his nights there too. There is nothing wrong with that! Maybe this hits close to home because we were there just a month ago. I think it is so sweet that your girls share a room. They really look like they are loving it!

    1. True that! If little man likes it (and especially if he has reflux issues too!), he may live in his swing most of the time as well!
      I know! You were just there! How's it going by the way?

  4. Congrats on the transition - whoo-hoo!!

    No judgement here at all - my two boys (who will be 21 months tomorrow!) slept in their swings or bouncers for about the same time as your Bri (I thought we were going to hit the weight limit before transitioning out, but that didn't happen) - you do what you have to do! They share a room now & are total awesome sleepers in their own cribs, so no harm done...obviously!!

    1. LOL Angela! I thought the same thing! By the time we transitioned the girls out of the swings the swings weren't really swinging like they used to (if you know what I mean - lol)!
      Yes, no harm done here either! Woo hoo! We rock momma!

  5. I remember being so worried about the amount of time I left Drew in a swing (also a reflux baby). I wish I could get all of that time I spent worrying back.

    So glad the transition went well. If they are anything like my two, you'll now wonder how you will ever get them to sleep in separate rooms!

  6. No judging here! Mine have only wanted to sleep together (except naps...those have to be in separate rooms). My father in law still thinks I am a terrible mom for having them co-bed.

  7. Happy that the transition worked out and you know those who judge do so becuase they have nothing fullfilling in their lives so need to "inject" themselves in others...LOL!

    Happy Easter!

  8. love the pictures...they are so cute!! and don't worry about the sleep props....we loved 'em when my twins were little. i think i would have done ALMOST anything to get more sleep (although, come to think of it, i still feel that way!) :)

  9. So cute! My girls have always shared a room, but it wasn't until they were almost 2 that they really realized they were in the same room and started chatting. I love hearing their little converstaions at bedtime before they fall asleep and REALLY love hearing them wake up at the same time and greeting each other first thing in the morning. Twins are so fun :)

  10. Oh my goodness! Your babies are sooooo flipping cute! I found your blog through Kerry at It's The Little Things, and I just love it! I can't wait to browse through your page and learn more about your cute family! Cheers! :D


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