Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

32 weeks!

This pregnancy is seriously flying by! I am 32 weeks already. WOW!
Here's a picture of me now....

And of course a comparison picture of me with the girls... I was WAY bigger....naturally....

My biggest accomplishment at this point???


I love it!

We had an OB appointment last week. Little man is weighing in at 3 lbs 11 oz....right on target to be an 8.5 lb baby if he makes it to 40 weeks. Holy buckets! The girls were 6 weeks old before they weighed that much!

Right now he is totally breech - his head is on the right side of my belly, his booty is on the left side of my belly, and his feet are jumping up and down on my bladder. My OB said that he should turn and get into birthing position by 36 weeks. If he doesn't, he will try to manually turn him. If that is not successful, at that point he will recommend a C-section. If he is in position (before or after manual turning) then I will be allowed to try a VBAC. YAY! I would love to not have the recovery icky-ness of another C-section when I already have twin toddlers at home. Fingers crossed!

I am finally starting to have some decent swelling with this pregnancy (not that I missed it AT ALL), and as of yesterday I was no longer able to wear my wedding ring. Sad day =(. I am also starting to retain water in my legs - at least one pair of work pants no longer fit because they are too tight - and my shoes are leaving decent marks in my feet after being worn for a while. I will be paying more attention to my blood pressure now, but for the time being, I continue to have no major problems or issues to report. YAY!

Oh! And we finally got a decent 3D/4D pic of little man during an ultrasound a couple weeks back - check him out!! His hand is in front of his face, which prevents it from being an awesome u/s picture, but it's still better than anything we were able to get with the girls! I think he looks like his big sister Olivia, which according to about 75% of those who make comments to us, means that he will likely look like his daddy =). So sweet!

And one with arrows (from Si) just in case you can't tell what body parts you are looking at in the picture =). Thanks hun!

Okay, that's my baby update of the day (or month, or week)! Happy Tuesday all!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how precious! I love those ultrasound photos. Glad your pregnancy is flying by, mine was a slow as they come, haha! Oh, and that wall behind you on the first photo... OBSESSED.

  2. The photos are cute!! I hope he turns for you.

  3. You are radiantly beautiful! Only a few more weeks before we get to 'meet' him - can't wait to see those pictures... I can already tell from the sonograms (and his precious sisters) that he's going to be super cute! :)

  4. I just found your blog after countless researching with my newly diagnosed MTHFR C667T Homozygous gene. I have been in tears and my emotions have been all over the place. Your blog entry helped me understand really more about what I have versus the 6 doctors I have been to! Can I ask you some more questions in regards to meds?
    If you don't mind. My email is
    Bless you :)
    You made my day!

  5. Holy moly! 32 weeks already! My girls were BORN at 34 weeks! You look awesome BTW. Its amazing what a difference a-whole-nother baby makes to the belly. Are you starting to get nervous about having three little people to take care of?

  6. You look great!!
    I love that picture wall too :)
    How cute is that u/s pic btw, bet you can't wait to meet him!!!

  7. Wow! Your girls are gorgeous and you're a totally adorable pregnant mama! Congratulations! My first two kids (singletons) were 8 and 8.5 pounds, so my twins (5 lbs 8z and 6lbs 6oz born at 37 weeks) felt soooo small. Wild, huh?

  8. Thought I had posted to this entry but looking back I guess I didn't. You look great and I can't wait to see the newest addition to your family! I also can't wait to see how the house makeover is going :)

  9. You look fabulous!! I'd love to experience what one baby is like! Well the pregnancy anyway! Haha! You're going to be a great mom to 3 little cuties! And how about those flower girls! So darn precious!!

  10. I don't know how your doctor would feel about it you could ask. But I had a friend go to a massage therapist and swears by it. The baby was breach and massaged him around. Anyway just thought I would share :) By the way love your photo collage in the back of that picture :)


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