Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday baking

Other than decorating the Christmas tree and putting up Christmas lights there's nothing that gets me into the spirit of the holidays more than holiday baking! Last year I admit I skimped a little; understandable as the girlies were only 2 months old, but this year? Oh no, I'm back! Today I made the candy coated pretzels and the peanut butter kisses cookies. It felt so great to bake!

I'm exhausted now of course as I used the girls nap time to do my baking, then since I made a massive mess baking (and then making lasagna for dinner), I felt that I had to know, wipe down the counters, do the dishes, vacuum and swiffer the floors. Whew! I'm pooped! But I feel like I accomplished something. I can't believe it's only two weeks until Christmas...still so much to do!

I did sit down (for like 30 seconds) right after the girls got up from their nap this afternoon. I snapped a couple of pictures of them just being their super cute selves. They are so happy after their naps!

And one with Daddy (they are SUCH Daddy's girls!)

Oh, and the GAP shirts they are wearing...yeah...those were supposed to be for Christmas. I am SUCH a sucker! How do you keep this stuff actually for Christmas?! I had them upstairs in our room and when Si was getting the girls dressed this morning he asked what I wanted them to I spout off that I want them in their new GAP jackets and pink pants...really?! Why Megan, why??? Good thing the girls are too young to have any concept of Christmas or Christmas gifts or how many they should get! I keep giving their gifts to them well before Christmas day! HA!

So, how far are you in your Christmas planning/shopping/baking? All caught up? Way behind? I'm always envious of those people that can shop throughout the year then never have to set foot in a mall during the Christmas season. Are you one of those awesome people? Or are you envious of them and way behind like I am too?!

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  1. Hahaha! I had to wrap the books we were going to give the girls for Christmas. I'm a sucker too. I was way too tempted to go ahead and give stuff to the girls---you know the whole, "they won't know the difference anyway" mentality. I totally get it :)

  2. I hear you on being a sucker! I had to leave everything in bags crammed in the closet. Otherwise, they would be wearing it, playing with it, or reading it...hahaha

    Those cookies look delicious!!

  3. What holiday fun! Congrats on your new pregnancy too, we are expecting our third (after twin girls) as well!

  4. I have all of the Christmas gifts in a huge pile in the office/craft room. None of them are wrapped. I am most excited about the toddler-sized rocking chairs and it has been a fight (with myself) for me not to get them out. I can't wait to see them rocking in their cute little chairs! I know THEY won't know the difference, but *I* think it will be pitiful if they don't have anything new come Christmas morning. Plus, they are only getting 4 presents each so it would be a major letdown to only have 1 thing because I already got out all the others. (FYI- our 4 presents are: A want, a need, something to wear and something to read. Love it!) Plus some stocking stuffers.

  5. And PS. I am totally jealous that you're pregnant! Sort of... I really want another baby! Just, in a few years. But I could totally be pregnant again in a heartbeat. Except that our frozen tot-sicles are halfway across the country...

  6. Look at you with all that baking in the same house where two toddlers live!! Impressive! I haven't done much shopping but I do it all online, so no crowd issues for me! (Although I need to get on the ball to avoid big shipping charges!)

  7. My girls know where I'm stashing their presents (not that they realize they are presents) and they go straight for them! It's so hard to resist giving them things early...

    Cookies look delish.

  8. HAHA! So glad I'm not the only sucker in the group! Good points would be pretty pathetic if they only ended up with one present under the tree come Christmas day...I need to STOP!
    I love Stephanie's idea of the 4 gifts...that is brilliant really! We may have to institute that next year (I've already bought way over 4 presents this year, so that definitely won't work! LOL). Those little rockers sound ADORABLE though...make sure to post pics!
    And the cookies are delish! Although, my pregnant self has a strange issue with peanut is tasty to eat, but I don't deal well with the smell. Weird! =). Thanks for the comments ladies!

  9. I'm such a slacker on baking this year. We traditionally do a Christmas Eve "feast" for just the six of us, so I'm hoping to involve my girls in the preparation. As for shopping, I try to do stocking stuffers year 'round and I used to do all the gifts year round. Unfortunately, now that my girls are older their tastes constantly change so I can't do as much year 'round shopping as I would like!


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