Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Music for toddlers?

We have a couple of lullaby and praise CD's, but the girls really like more of the upbeat/pop type of music. When I was little I listened to Raffi, so I tracked Raffi down on Itunes and I still remember the words to most of the songs I used to listen to! Can you believe that?

We've tried the toddler tunes on the music channels on TV, but they aren't big fans of that. They love their Disney Princess Christmas music book, and Bri dances to the music that some of her toys play, but otherwise I don't have any idea what they may like. I don't really want to invest in a bunch of CD's that they may or may not like, know what I mean?

So I guess my question is, what music did your toddlers listen to and love? How many CD's did you have to go through before you figured that out? LOL.

And a baby #3 status update. I'm good. I haven't had nearly the morning sickness with this baby as I did with the girls. Definite bonus! I also haven't really moved into maternity clothes yet. Maternity jeans, yes, but otherwise, I can still wear my normal work clothes and tops. By 8 weeks with the girls I was 100% in maternity clothes. This time it's looking like I might make it to 12 weeks or beyond! And here's to hoping that I can actually stay in one size of maternity clothes with this pregnancy (instead of the whole range S-L that I did with the girls)! I'm definitely pumped to buy and wear the cutesy maternity clothes this round =).

I finally told my boss today that we are pregnant. He was excited for us. He still doesn't have anything firm for me to do after June, but at least now he understands my urgency in trying to find something. He also knows that I intend to work after the new baby comes (as long as Si doesn't do catastrophe adjusting), so he knows if he finds me something that I will be there to do the job. It makes me feel better knowing that he knows he can look out for me now more...its not just me flailing trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do once my contract is up. I feel like it takes a little bit of the weight off my shoulders.

Otherwise, not a lot going on here. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our place, so cleaning is on my agenda for tomorrow. I just figured it would be easier to bring people here than have to cart the girls to someone else's house that isn't child proof and have to follow them around for hours on end making sure they don't get into stuff. We'll see!

So are you guys all ready for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting?

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  1. My little tootles like listening to Harry Connick Jr.'s CD called "Songs I Heard" when we're in the car. Other than that, I haven't come across anything yet that they are just wild about. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. Great question! Is it bad my babies just dance to whatever is on the radio?? I'll be checking back to see the suggestions.

    I am still smiling over your big news :-))) And I love the new title of the blog. Perfect.

    We're not hosting this year...but we are bringing the turkey. Yikes!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Fave song...Don't Stop Believin'... :) The girls have a few favorites that are kid songs (Twinkle Twinkle. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt), but listen to a lot of country and a random assortment as that's what Jefferson and I listen to.

    We're hosting, but its just my family, so no biggie... :)

  4. We do Rhapsody and Pandora a lot so its always a mix. I type in toddler or baby or lullabies or nursery rhymes or holiday, Disney, etc. His favorite is classical which is what we listen to in the car and at nap/bed time. Have you tried the library? They're a great resource!

    You should youtube toddler dancing to beyonce "all the singe ladies"! And then play it for the girls! Babies go nuts for that beat! :=)

    Yay for your boss being excited and double yay for you feeling less stressed!

    You look so great! You're a hot mama no matter what size!

    I totally agree about keeping the kids at the babyproofed house. Whenever we go places whether its my parents or the car dealership ;-) I'm EXHAUSTED from chasing and chasing. At least this way, he can play and not hurt himself!

    Happy Thanksgiving! SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!


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