Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, November 14, 2011

The bubbles, the bubbles!

I'm ecstatic...the girls finally like bubbles! They have spent the last 6 months of their little lives being terrified of them, but tonight my friends, we crossed a major bridge in our relationship with these strange floating iridescent phenomena.

Ryan and Kim got us the coolest purple octopus singing bubble blowing bath toy in the world for our first birthday. Like super cool. So cool that mommy kind of wants to play with it too...I love bubbles!

For the last month I have been trying to reintroduce the girls to bubbles at night in the tub. Every time they scream bloody murder and try to vacate the bathtub just as quickly as they possibly can.

Until tonight...

We got our bubble blowing bath on tonight, and we LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! Can you see the joy on Bri's face, and the amazement on Livvy's face?! Awesome!

So, were your kiddos ever afraid of bubbles? Is it some normal phase that little ones go through? Or are my girlies just bubble scaredy cats? LOL =)

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  1. So cute! Mine seem to like bubbles, although they've only seen them a couple times... I may just have to get this bath toy - looks like fun!

  2. Absolutely adorable!

    We haven't tried bubbles in the tub yet...what kind of mommy am I?? lol

  3. I know this is mean, but I think it is hilarious! My oldest went through a phase where he had an irrational fear of the furnace vents. He would avoid them like the plague. :-)

  4. Mine are not afraid of bubbles. The issue is more along the lines of they always try to drink their bath water and lick the bubbles and foam

  5. Barb - the toy is SUPER fun! The girls love it! if you do get it though, a word of advice...only let them play with it in the tub...if it sings and blows bubbles all over your house you'll go bonkers!! LOL.
    Melissa - HA! Of all places, you haven't tried the tub yet?! I'm just kidding! If we hadn't gotten this toy for the girls birthday it never would have occurred to me to play with bubbles in the tub. I mean sure, bubble bath is cool and all, but not the same as actual bubbles floating around =)
    Kelli - I think it's pretty hilarious too! That's why I kept subjecting them to the bubbles over and over again. I couldn't have my girls growing up afraid of bubbles! What kind of life would that be?! Okay, the furnace vents are pretty hilarious too!
    HAHA - Sugar and Spice like licking up the bubbles and foam do they? Livvy and Bri definitely want to drink the water, but they have no desire to eat the soap! Crazy kiddos!!

  6. What a great idea!!! My girls aren't afraid of bubbles but L & O do get antsy at bath time. They whine a lot and try to climb out of the tub constantly. C has been doing "glow baths" (using glow sticks - the twins are a little young for this but around 2.5/3 yrs it's AWESOME).

    Anyway, I'm totally gonna get the bubbles out for tonight's bath and see if that helps them sit and enjoy themselves for a bit longer!


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