Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparent's Day AND Patriot's Day

I know that it's the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, and we all remember where we were, how it affected us, and what has changed since that time. I hope future generations are able to appreciate 9/11 as well...but I don't want to rehash it on my blog. Instead, I would like to focus on National Grandparent's Day!!

National Grandparent's Day is a bit different this year, as instead of focusing on my grandparents, I'm focusing on the girls grandparents!

My parents, Pat and Ken, live in Omaha. My AWESOME dad watches the girls 1 day every week while I am at work. They absolutely LOVE him. It's precious! After his scare with encapsulated kidney cancer last year, it made us all cherish the time that we spend with each other. I am so glad the girls get the opportunity to spend this much time with him!! My mom has made it her mission to find the cutest dresses EVER and get them for the girls. She also has a thing with rattles too...she finds the coolest most bizarre rattles ever....the girls have quite the collection!

Si's parents, Leslie and Dale, live in Kearney and North Platte, respectively. Leslie makes the trek down to Omaha to visit the girlies at least once a month and they absolutely adore her! They also chat with her on the phone on a regular basis and just smile and giggle from ear to ear! Dale makes his way down to Omaha about once every 2 months. The girls are always tickled pink to see him! Speaking of, he should be down later this week again I think. YAY! A visit from Grandpa!

Happy Grandparent's Day Pat, Ken, Leslie, and Dale!! The girls love you all!!!

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  1. What a lovely tribute to the girls Grandparents! Thanks for the reminder that it IS Grandparents day...gessshhh....I can'y believe I forgot! :)

  2. Saw your comments on my blog but I wasn't sure you'd see it if I replied over there. I made most everything for the girls' party- hats, dresses, banners etc. But if you're not crafty like that, try Etsy. I have had so much luck buying things on there and if you find something that you like but its not the right colors or size or something, you can usually just ask and people are more than happy to do custom orders. I can't wait to see your girls' party!

  3. Gotta love the grandparents! Looks like O&B have some good ones ;) BTW: I didn't realize you lived in Omaha... we ALMOST got sent there to work a hail storm instead of to the East Coast! Maybe we'll be there next year and we could meet up!


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