Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We finally took the plunge. . .

And joined our local multiples club - Omaha Parents of Multiples Club (OPMC).

Last night we drove to the church that the meeting was held at and as soon as we got to the parking lot we knew we were in the right spot. Not a car in sight. And I mean "car" literally. I wish I would have taken a picture of the parking lot. Nothing but a sea of minivans and large SUV's. And of course that makes perfect sense - every person at the meeting had a minimum of 2 kids that were in car seats at the same time - of course they needed bigger vehicles! And speaking of vehicles, we MAY have found our new vehicle, a 2009 Buick Enclave =). If we actually buy it I will give you all a run down of all the cool features and post some pictures. Think the inside and features of a minivan, but on an SUV frame that has 4 wheel drive. SWEET!

Anyway. . .back to the multiples club meeting. . .

So we parked the Escape went inside. Twins and triplets Kids EVERYWHERE! Apparently they had babysitting for the meeting (which is very cool), so you could bring your kiddos if you were so inclined. Interesting.

Then the meeting started - business first - followed by BUNCO - which was a ton of fun if you've never played it. It really mixed up the people at the meeting and made you mingle with people you probably wouldn't have otherwise. Si was the lone male in a sea of female multiple mommas. They were so impressed that he came, but they all admitted that their husbands came to their first meeting with them too. Now they just stay home with the kiddos. LOL. Si is versatile though. He had a great time and thinks that he would like to go along next month too (if I want him to of course). Cool with me! All of the other multiple mommas can be jealous of my super cool committed husband =).

Overall, the meeting wasn't what I expected. Many of the multiples moms had kids that were 5-7 years old, so I was kind of bummed. I was hoping to network with more multiple mommas that were our age, or at least had kids about the same age as the girls. There were only about 20 people in attendance last night though (out of 300 families that belong to the multiples club), so I don't know that the mommas in attendance last night were actually a representative sample of the club. I did meet one very cool multiple momma last night - her name is Kristen and she is the proud momma to 6 month old B/B/G trips. We are going to get together once the weather gets a bit nicer here in Omaha so our girls can play with her kiddos. It should be fun! 2 mommas and 5 infants. . .can you imagine the looks we will get? =)

Overall I'm really glad we joined! I suspect we will find some really great friends through the multiples club, and hopefully the girls will be able to find some great friends too =). (Although no one will beat the Sheila/Megan and Adam/Hollibaugh honey friendships!)

(I just couldn't post without sticking a picture of the girls on here too) =)

Until next time. . .

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