Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Megan is currently busy tending to mother classified tasks at this moment so I thought that I would jump on and update everyone.
Megan and I finally were called into the operating room at about 8:30 for the C-Section. (It was only an hour later then expected due to an emergency singleton Mom, who I think had a healthy baby.) We were blessed with a healthy baby, Olivia Grace, at 9:00pm. She was born with 6 lbs and 2oz and she was 18.5 inches long. We were then blessed with a second healthy baby, Brianna Raine, at 9:02pm. Brianna was 6 lbs. and 4oz and measured 19inches long and had to go straight to the NICU due to distressed breathing.
Both girls are now in the NICU due to the fact that they are both considered pre-mature (36w2d). Olivia was having difficulty regulating her blood sugar, but as of this post it appears that it has been regulated and she is doing very well. Brianna has gotten past her distressed breathing and is doing quite well.

Everyone has been asking for pictures, well here you go and ENJOY!

Si H.
(Proud Daddy)

Brianna getting weighed for the first time.

Olivia getting weighed for the first time.

Brianna in the NICU
Olivia in the NICU next to her sister.


  1. Congratulations and GOD BLESS !!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS. Good job, MOM & DAD !! Doesn't that sound wonderful???

  2. Woo! Great news. I hope everyone is doing well. They're beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous babies! I am glad that everyone is happy and healthy!

    Liz- who delurked just for this awesome post!

  4. They are soooo gorgeous! Congratulations!


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