Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cupcake heaven!

We had family in town for the extended weekend, and it served as a great opportunity to go through my deep freeze and excavate dessert items that had been hiding in there for many months. Truth be told, I needed more freezer space for breast milk and the huge sack of steaks and hamburger I had just purchased, but this served as a default excuse anyway. =)
Out of the depths of the frozen abyss came two dozen peanut butter Hershey kiss cookies from last Christmas, a dozen cupcakes from the girls 1st Birthday party that I forgot were buried in there, and a cheesecake platter from Target (I’ve had three pieces of said cheesecake, two cupcakes, and 4 cookies in the last 24 hours…I’m not losing any more baby weight any time soon - lol!).
Anyhow, since there were all of these delicious dessert items out and about for people to eat, the girls had apparently gotten accustomed to eating dessert after they finished their dinner each night.  Last night they girls requested cupcakes by name.  Livvy wanted a "nana" cupcake, and Brianna wanted a "cocoa" cupcake...which I guess translates into banana and chocolate respectively.  Funny that they can say cantelope and cupcake plain as day, but banana is nana and chocolate is cocoa....whatever....
Anyway, here's what the result of said cupcakes!
Bri insisted on painting her face with the cupcake frosting....think of it like camoflauge...

And Livvy, our "clean" girl....well, she wasn't so clean either! Although she was a lot less messy than Bri!

We didn't even bother trying to wipe them off at that point...instead we took them directly outside and washed them off in their kiddy pool....HA!
So, do you guys let your kids get this messy too?  I think it's so fun to be messy!!!!

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  1. Messy happens inspite of my best efforts. Like the time I was so pleased to see that the girls could fedd themselves with their spoons so I served them yogurt and went to the kitchen to put dinner in the microwave. That was an epic mess!

  2. You are a brave mama in my book! We still go through so many washcloths a day, as I wipe the girls up all the time! ;) I really have to work to allow the girls to mess. It's just so tricky to clean up TWO of them! I know that's a valuable part of growing up, though. I probably need to make more effort to allow it. If nothing else, I should be motivated by such cute pictures! :)

  3. Wow!!! I think Bri missed a spot. ;) So cute!

  4. Haha! These photos are priceless!!!

  5. Oh my kids loved getting messy at that age! It is great for them every now & then to just let rip!

  6. Haha how cute are their sweet little faces covered in cupcake!! They sure enjoyed it, and yes, the mess can be cleaned up :) I should post a recent pic of Liam eating a chocolate cupcake, he had it stuck to his face ;) Your girls are growing up and I bet they love their little baby brother so much. And next time you get out a Cheesecake platter from your freezer, I'd love to be there!! ;)
    Thank you for your recent comments and visits to my blog :) I appreciate it so much and love hearing from you Megan. I hope you and your cute little family are all keeping well xoxo

  7. Your girls are so adorable!!! Love them full of cupcakes!!!

    (on a side note we changed our blog to the following - Had some issues with unwanted people reading...hope you can understand. I always love your comments and didn't want you to stop checking in :)


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