Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Friday, June 8, 2012

STILL Pregnant!

Okay, I know what you are thinking....
I told you that one way or another there would be a baby this week....
But I also told you that as soon as he was here I would post....
I haven't posted.
Slacker baby! =)

So here's what has happened since last week when I last updated.  I had an OB appointment this past Monday (6/4).  My OB checked me and I had made ZERO progress from last week, or the week before, or the week before (still 1.5-2 cm, 60% effaced).  But, the baby also wasn't measuring any bigger (still right at about 8 lbs)...which was my OB's initial concern, and his reason for wanting to either schedule an induction or a C-section (since I still had two weeks to go until term at that time). However, when I was in on Monday, baby Hudson was measuring about an ounce smaller than he had the week before!  Oye.  Incredibly unreliable ultrasound measurements! HA! OB told me that he would check me again on Friday (6/8 - today) and if I hadn't progressed (in dilation, effacement, and engagement) that he would recommend a C-section (tentatively scheduled for Saturday 6-9 @ 7:30 AM).  He personally didn't think that I would end up getting my VBAC as he felt that Hudson had actually retreated some from his previous position, and I wouldn't be a very good VBAC candidate (he didn't want me to labor for hours and hours and end up with a c-section anyway).  I was seriously crushed.  I left his office essentially in tears.  This wasn't at all what I wanted.  I knew my body could do better.

I enlisted the help of a fabulous neighbor, friend, and amazing midwife.  I told her what was going on and she made it her mission to help me progress.  For the last 5 days (under her direction) Si and I have done everything we possibly could to induce labor (except anything actually invasive like breaking my water).  I have used my breast pump to stimulate contractions, we have had lots of "sexy time", I have spent hours each day on a birthing ball (bouncing, doing exercises, stretching out my hips), I have been to a chiropractor for realignment (twice), I have used evening primrose oil, I have walked miles each day, I have done a stairs workout each day, I have carried the girls around on my tummy (to push Hudson down some), I have had my membranes stripped, I have taken hot baths....we have literally done everything in our power....

And he's still in there.

BUT....all of our hard work has paid off! As of this morning:
I am dilated to 3+ cm (easily stretchable to 4 cm)
I am 80% effaced
I am at -2 station it was exclaimed that I am "an excellent VBAC candidate"!  Woot!

The problem is, originally they were going to induce me (due to Hudson's size), but now no such luck (giving us no time frame for when this peanut will grace us with is presence)! On ultrasound today he measured in at 7 lbs 10 oz (my wonderful midwife friend told me Wednesday that she didn't think he was 8 lbs...her guess was around 7 lbs 3 oz...7 lbs 8 oz or so I think she is pretty darn close).  Regardless, a 7 lb 10 oz baby is no reason to induce.

SO....they are letting me go up to 41 weeks before they intervene, as long as everything continues to look good.

My PA told me today that she thinks I will go into labor in the next 48 hours.  My midwife friend has been seeing me for the last week and disagrees.  She thinks that it will probably be some time next week.  We've been doing everything possible to induce labor for the last 5 days and haven't managed to induce labor yet...she doesn't think it will magically happen now!  Now if my water breaks, that may be a bit of a different story =).

So, to sum it all up, I am still pregnant.  And I could continue to be pregnant for another 11 days (when I hit 41 weeks).  Oye.

I go back to see my OB on Tuesday (at 40 weeks).  Here's to hoping that my wonderful midwife is wrong, and this baby comes this weekend while my OB is already on call.

I can hope, right?

So that's my story.  I promise, when he comes, I will let you guys know!!!

Happy Friday!



  1. Your midwife friend sounds like she really knows her stuff. I'm glad you have her and I promise to sit back and wait patiently for news :)

  2. LOL! Now if only I could sit back and wait patiently we'd be set! HA!

  3. Hooray for progress, and for being in a great position for a VBAC!! I hope that works out for you! Can't wait to hear the news! :)

  4. Thinking of you - can't wait to SEE little Hudson! :)

  5. Yay for progress!! I hope everything goes swimmingly and baby boy will be here soon! Good vibes going your way.

  6. Don't be in too much of a hurry! Babies are less work when they're in the tummy! Seriously though, sounds like you're all doing well. Are you doing pelvic tilts? I did a TON of those when I was pregnant and I swear it helped. I can't wait to see Baby Brother!

  7. oh my....i'm sure you're miserable! you can make it, momma! i can't wait to see a picture of that little one! it will be worth the wait soon enough.


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