Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015

Monday, August 1, 2011

Does momma really know best?

I think we all, as parents, question our parenting skills from time to time and occasionally need to be reminded that regardless of what other people may tell us, we are the parents, and we know what is best for our children.

So why am I on my soapbox today?

Bri has been crazy fussy since at least Friday. Like, I can't put her down fussy. Like she doesn't want to play. Low grade fever. Drooling everywhere. Not eating well. Sleeping even worse. Consequently, momma is tired too.

Bri is getting at least her two upper teeth right now. I know this is not a pain free process. I get that. But tylenol is doing NOTHING. Orajel is helping a little, but it requires relatively frequent applications, and I'm not a huge fan of orajel and don't really want to use it. I feel like this has been going on a long time to simply be a new tooth (or two). I personally think she might have an ear infection. I have had 3 other people today tell me the same thing.

I called the pediatrician's office to get their input since they are the "experts". I went through the speal. . .low grade fever, getting two teeth, not eating well, not sleeping well, blah blah blah.

Know what I got? The nurse told me that Bri probably isn't sleeping because it's hot outside. Um, really? Well it's nice and cool inside, AND she was sleeping fine for the rest of the summer, so I highly doubt the heat is the problem. How ridiculous of a statement is that?

Further, she stated that she was "sure" she was fine and could be checked out on Thursday when we were in for our 9 month check up. I asked her if there was anything I should be watching for or how I would know to call back. She told me if Bri stopped eating ENTIRELY or quit sleeping ENTIRELY that I could then call back and make an appointment to be seen, but she didn't think that was going to be necessary. UM, are you serious? You want me to wait until my child is eating no food and is refusing to sleep at all before we come back in? NOT HAPPENING.

So, I promptly called back and scheduled a sick visit for Bri for tomorrow. Isn't this why we pay for health insurance?!?! I would feel absolutely awful if I waited until Thursday, Bri was seen, and she had an ear infection and I made her suffer through it for a week before going in to be checked out. I will pay the 20 bucks for the copay. Come on now.

I will let you know how it turns out. Even if it's nothing, I won't regret going in. I'd rather know than not, you know? And, my momma gut says something is up. I don't know what is up, but this isn't my normal teething Brianna =(.

Where is my happy girl?! I miss her! I hope she feels better soon!

Happy Monday all!

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  1. Yep. Good job! And PLEASE be sure to tell the ped the advice you got from the nurse and how it made you feel. Think of all the other mother's she's poo-pooing and how maybe they don't have the voice that you do.

  2. Ugh, nurses ALWAYS think its nothing. Let us know! As for the Tylenol doing nothing for her- try baby Ibuprofen. Tylenol does nothing for MY pain so I use Ibuprofen for my babies. They don't have the dosage on the side for babies but you can get it from your doctor (or Dr. Google). Good luck. Hope your poor girl feels better soon!

  3. Go Mama!! When Goober was about 14 months, he would go through these huge fits where he would thrash around and scream and scream. There was nothing at all we could do for him. Then, all of the sudden, he would snap out of it. They would start and stop with no order whatsoever. I called our ped's office and the nurse told me that he was probably just "being naughty and manipulating us." I was annoyed at this response to say the least.

    I decided to take him in anyway. The doctor asked if he was having regular bowel movements. He was at least once a day. He decided to do an X-Ray of his tummy. It turns out he had several inches of poo backed up in his intestines and this was causing his spleen to be almost twice as large as it was supposed to be.

    I was so mad at that nurse that I switched doctors.

    Moral of the story? Your instincts are always right! A $20.00 copay is worth it for your peace of mind!

    Keep up the good work mommy and remember that you are your child's best advocate!!

  4. Yes! Momma does really know best. :) Good for you for pushing it. If it's nothing, no big deal. But, if it's something then she doesn't have to be miserable for longer because a nurse, over the phone, wants to brush it off.

    In any case, I hope she does feel better soon! We had teething and colds going around in this house and YUCK. I feel ya. ((hugs!))

  5. Hey Lady! Thanks for the info from your trip to the ped! I really appreciate it and, again, I hope that Bri feels better soon. It's so worrisome when they are sick. If she indeed has the UTI I hope that she doesn't have the reflux, but I am glad that y'all are on top of it. Again, more proof that momma does know best!

    No worries about not being able to follow me on blogger. I used to blog with Wordpress and I'm thinking I'll probably switch back soon. I only started using Posterous while I was teaching an online class because I wanted to play with it. I never meant to keep the blog there so long, lol. I'll let you know where to find me after the change. Also, if you're on Facebook I tend to get most of my blog comments and interaction with friends and family there. Lemme know if you're on and we can take the online friendship to the next level! hee hee!


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